Short Vort: Stuck in the Mud

We live in a world with rapidly shrinking attention spans and relentless distractions. While much of our predicament may be attributed to modern technology, our ability to maintain focus is a timeless challenge.

Throughout the entire Exodus story, we never read about a Jewish revolt. Yet, the Book of Psalms records how the nation "rebelled by the sea at the Sea of Reeds.” (Tehillim 106:7). What was their beef? The Midrash describes that they were upset about their sandals. The sea may have split, and their enemies may have been engulfed in the crashing waves, but the seabed was muddy and their footwear became soiled. They saw the filth on their sandals and had flashbacks to the mortar of the bricks of Egypt. As they stood surrounded by miracles on all sides, they were stuck in the mud. 

True salvation is not produced in heaven but in our minds and hearts. We can be exposed to the greatest miracles on Earth, but if our eyes are cast down all we will see is mud. Life challenges us is to raise our eyes and appreciate the greatness around us. If we can do that we will truly be redeemed.

Shabbat Shalom, Rabbi Daniel Green