Friday, June 23
Evening Services 7:00pm
Candle Lighting: 8:45pm
Earliest Candles: 7:32pm

Shabbat, June 24
Morning Services 9:00am
Mincha / Maariv 8:40 pm
 Havdalah 9:45pm

Sunday, June 25
Morning Services 8:30am
Mincha 8:45 pm

Weekday Services
Morning Services 7:15am
Mincha / Maariv 8:45 pm


The Shalom Village Ladies Auxiliary 36th Annual Tea

Wednesday, July 5
Goldie's Place at Shalom Village. Doors open at 1 o'clock. Bake Sale - Door Prizes - Raffle
Please consider becoming a VIP donor at the following levels:
$36 for 36 years, Double Chai! $50, $72, $118, $250, $360 and $500 levels
Tickets: $25.00; Tickets available at the Corner Store, Main Office and Foundation Office

Jewish Social Services

Right here in Hamilton, there's an active group of adults getting together and enjoying not only friendship, but also some wonderful activities. It's the Chevra Club, meeting on Sundays, once a month at Jewish Social Services. Together, they enjoy a delicious lunch and then an interesting program.

Chevra Club is a place to experience fun activities in a warm and friendly atmosphere. The group partakes in activities such as...
Games day, cards, monthly newsletter, Mahjong, holiday celebrations, musical entertainment, dancer performances, Guest speakers on a variety of relevant topics, and trips in the summer.

There is no fee to be a member, programs are very modestly priced to cover the cost of lunch and some program expenses.

If you are interested in being on the E-mailing list  please call Christine at 905-627-9922 ex 23 or Carol Krames 905-627-9922 ex 21.
The Rhetoric of Resistance
Its not too often that sinners are struck down by lighting bolts from heaven.  Yet, that's exactly what happened to those who led the mutiny against Moshe.  After attempting to usurp Aharon's role as High Priest, Moshe challenges them to bring an incense offering and await God's response.  As they stand in anticipation, with their copper pans in hand, they are struck down by a heavenly fire.

What happens next seems bizarre.  God commands Moshe to gather the pans and beat them into a copper plate to cover the Altar - "for they are holy."  Although the offerings are categorically rejected, in the harshest terms, the pans somehow became holy.  In an ironic twist, the offerings of the rebels were repudiated but each and every future offering could only be accepted on the surface of their copper pans.

The revolt against Aharon & Moshe stemmed from a genuine thirst for greater religious fulfillment.  Why couldn't they experience the spiritual bliss of a High Priest in the Holy of Holies?  Their motivation was sincere.  Yet, their approach was unsavory, disrespectful, and pernicious.  

Our rhetoric makes a difference no mater how noble our cause may be.   The rhetoric of "resistance" pervades our culture today.  No matter how noble the cause, the way we present our case and achieve our goals requires dignity and honour.  

  In the ancient world copper was used as a mirror.  Each person that entered the Temple needed to look at themselves as they embarked on a quest for a higher ideal.  May we all strive for lofty goals while remembering to respect ourselves and others in the process.

Rabbi Daniel Green        FFor more Short Vorts, Click Here
Coming Up...
June 25 @ Liuna Station
Honouring Dr. Hertzel Gerstein, Dr. Mark Levine, & Dr. Sandra Witelson

    Proceeds will support the Children's Clinic of the Dr. Max and Gianna Glassman PTSD and Health Center at Jerusalem's Herzog Hospital.    For tickets, tributes & advertising, and more information, call 905-527-5516 ext 1, or visit .