Friday March 9
Friday Eve Services
Candle Lighting

Shabbat March 10
Morning 9:00am
Evening 5:55pm
Havdallah 7:02pm


Sunday March 11
Morning Services 8:30am
Evening 7:05pm

Weekday Services
Morning Services 7:15am
Evening 7:05pm 


Rivka Adoniyah on the passing of her brother, Keith Roy Simpson, obm, in Jamaica.
Eileen & Roger O'Raw on the passing of their brother, brother-in-law, Owen O'Raw, obm, in Kilsyth, Scotland.

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Short Vort: What Marv & Moshe Have in Common
The Buffalo Bills have the distinction of being the only team in NFL history to advance to the Super Bowl four consecutive years.  Unfortunately, they lost each and every time.  Years ago, I read an article in the Jerusalem Post that attributed the tenacity of the Bills to their Jewish coach, Marv Levy.  The point: after falling time and time again only a Jew could have the resilience to rebound and bring his team back up to the top.
When the first leader of the Jewish nation, Moshe, was asked to erect the Mishkan (the Tabernacle) he was told to assemble and disassemble the massive structure for seven consecutive days.  Only on the eight day did he build it and it remained standing. 
Anyone can climb to the summit once.  The challenge in life is to have the passion and enthusiasm to rise up again after we fall. Kin g Solomon declared: "The righteous fall seven times and rise"   (Mishlei 24:16). The  entry fee for true greatness is overcoming setbacks.  Maybe all it will take is one more climb for us to finally stay on top.

Rabbi Daniel Green

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COR Live in Hamilton
Answers & Appetizers
Sunday, March 11th
Appetizers at 7:30pm |  Answers at 8:00 pm at the  Adas 

COR Rabbis will outline the most frequent Pesach questions and answers & perform a live demonstration - how to clean your Romaine lettuce to ensure it is bug free. Learn the techniques that COR's professional mashgichim use every day!

Complimentary appetizers and desserts will be served including sushi, cakes and cookies
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Join US for an Incredible United Shabbat
experience   at our annual Cholent Cook-Off & Kiddush Luncheon

Shabbat March 17th
Kids Carnival @ 11am |  Kiddush Luncheon (following services) at 11:45am.  No RSVP Necessary.  To be a contestant please call 905.528.0039 & book your kitchen time.
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Family Paint Night  (in the Morning)
Passover Style!
The painting will be fun for beginners and advanced artists of all ages!
Sunday March 18th @ 10:45 am
With Maggie Norris
Limited Space.  RSVP Here
Pesach is coming!!!
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 Shmurah Matza is being sold by Chabad of Hamilton for $26 per box. To order, please e-mail Pickup can be organized at the Adas office with exact cash or cheque made payable to 'Chabad of Hamilton'.
HHA Information Night
HHA Ribbon Cutting & Information Night
Sunday, March 18th 
7:00pm Reception
Desserts Served
7:45pm Information Sessions
For parents of children entering 
Kindergarten, Grade 1 & Middle School
Enter through doors at  125 Cline Avenue South, Hamilton