When Stink is Sweet

Apparently, there is no greater stench than that of burnt feathers.  Yet, the Torah refers to offering from fowl as a “sweet aroma” even though they are consumed with their feathers.
Rashi explains that not everything in life can be appreciated with the first whiff.  A bird offering was brought by the poor, who could not afford cattle or sheep.  Doves are relatively small and if the wings would be removed the offering would become minuscule.  To safeguard the dignity of those less fortunate, the Torah mandated that the feathers burnt as well.
All beauty is relative and apparently odors are too.  Like the homemade card of a toddler, certain things may lack an objective aesthetic.  Yet, they just may be the most beautiful things of all.  Looking down from Heaven nothing smelled sweeter than the burnt feathers of the poor.  May all our noses be attuned to the true aromatic fragrances around us.