Friday, May 19th
Evening Services 7:00pm
Candle Lighting: 8:15pm
Earliest Candles: 8:22pm

Shabbat, May 20th
Morning Services 9:00am
Mincha / Maariv 8:15 pm
 Havdalah 9:23pm

Sunday, May 21 & 
Monday 22
Morning Services 8:30am
Mincha 8:25 pm

Weekday Services 
Morning Services 7:15am
Mincha / Maariv 8:25 pm

Mazel Tov

 Dr. Larry Levin on his appointment and installation as President of the Canadian Dental Association. 

Our deepest condolences to Rhonda Chaimovitz, her children and grandchildren,
Moishe & Carl Chaimovitz and their families on the passing of Jerry Chaimovitz a'h.

May the Almighty send His condolences among the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem.

Make Everyday Count!

As we march from the Exodus to Sinai, we count each one of the 49 days and focus on personal growth.

Click Here for the Day & Blessing

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Let's Celebrate Jerusalem, not Sinai
When it comes to real estate we've all been told: location, location, location.  Yet, many of the greatest things in life transcend space or time. Perhaps for this reason, the Torah rarely mentions the location that Laws were transmitted. There is once exception - the Laws of the Sabbatical year.  Here the Torah emphasizes that they were given at Sinai.  Since most others laws were given there as as well, why single these out?

Every seventh year , the field of Israel were to remain fallow.  No other law is rooted in the Land of Israel more than the Sabbatical year where the actual soil rests.  As we stood at Sinai, at the dawn of Jewish history, God told us to keep our eye on the goal - Zion and Jerusalem.  

At the conclusion of the Sabbatical year, the King of Israel would gather the nation at a ritual called "Hakhel." In Jerusalem, he would recreate the Sinai experience by imparting words of Torah.  This ceremony was not a reenactment of an historic event but rather the apex of a process.  At Sinai we received our mission to be a Light unto Nations with Jerusalem as our epicentre. 

In truth, we could care less where Sinai is. It's merely a station not a destination.  As Isaiah (2:3) describes: "From Zion shall emanate Torah and the Word of God from Jerusalem."  Let us remember this as we celebrate 50 miraculous years!

Rabbi Daniel Green        FFor more Short Vorts, Click Here
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50th Anniversary
Jerusalem Day -  יום ירושלים - Celebration
Tuesday, May 23rd @ 6pm
For all ages!  
Jerusalem Café.  
  • The HHA Choir
  • Daglanut Israeli Flag Choreography
  • Holiday Video Presentations
  • Children's Activity Centres
Free Admission.
Cafe pastries, pizza & beverages for sale sale
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Tuesday, May 30
@ 11:30 pm

All night learning & Grill

  • Programs for adults, kids and high school
  • Join in this stimulating, fulfilling and filling annual Adas custom!
Thursday, June 1

Yizkor (10:15am)

Shavuot Gala Complimentary Luncheon & Ice Cream Buffet

No RSVP required

Sponsored by Johnathan Pollak & Jocelyn Srigley

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Hamilton Kollel Presents a
Women's Pre-Shavuot Event
Design and Discover with
lowers and Friends

Come and create a Shavuos arrangement with tips and tricks from our talented Chana Lavin alongside some words of inspiration.
Couvert: $20 -  CASH ONLY or cheques made out to "CASH".
Bring your own Yom Tov flower vase/container or purchase one for $5 at the event.
Please RSVP  at   no later than May 19 to ensure a spot.

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Jewish Federation AGM & Shem Tov Awards
Thursday, May 26 @ 7pm
Temple Anshe Sholom
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Beit Halochem Canada
The Jewish Community of Hamilton is proud to host a special evening in association with Beit Halochem Canada: Aid to disabled veterans of Israel & victims of terror.

Meet and Dine with Heroes
6:30 pm
Beth Jacob Synagogue, 375 Aberdeen ave.
Advance ticket - $25 per person.
$30 at the door ($18 per student/child)
ORDER TICKETS at 905 522 1351 or look for us on Facebook.

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Hamilton Hebrew Academy Bike-A-Thon
Sunday, June 18th

Click here to sign up, to sponsor or for more details.
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June 25 @ Liuna Station
Honouring Dr. Hertzel Gerstein, Dr. Mark Levine, & Dr. Sandra Witelson

    Proceeds will support the Children's Clinic of the Dr. Max and Gianna Glassman PTSD and Health Center at Jerusalem's Herzog Hospital.    For tickets, tributes & advertising, and more information, call 905-527-5516 ext 1, or visit .