Friday, July 7
Evening Services 7:00pm
Candle Lighting: 8:42pm
Earliest Candles: 7:31pm

Shabbat, July 8
Morning Services 9:00am
Mincha / Maariv 8:35 pm
 Havdalah 9:42pm

Sunday, July 9
Morning Services 8:30am
Mincha 8:40 pm

Weekday Services
Morning Services 7:15am
Mincha / Maariv 8:40 pm

Tuesday, July 11
Fast of Tamuz
Fast Begins 4:36am
Morning Services 7:00am
Mincha 8:30pm
Fast Ends 9:19pm

Mazel Tov
Ira Rosen and Sarah Rosen on their recent marriage.

Leslie Sugar on the birth of a granddaughter, born to Michael & Olivia Sugar.


Jewish Social Services

Right here in Hamilton, there's an active group of adults getting together and enjoying not only friendship, but also some wonderful activities. It's the Chevra Club, meeting on Sundays, once a month at Jewish Social Services. Together, they enjoy a delicious lunch and then an interesting program.

Chevra Club is a place to experience fun activities in a warm and friendly atmosphere. The group partakes in activities such as...
Games day, cards, monthly newsletter, Mahjong, holiday celebrations, musical entertainment, dancer performances, Guest speakers on a variety of relevant topics, and trips in the summer.

There is no fee to be a member, programs are very modestly priced to cover the cost of lunch and some program expenses.

If you are interested in being on the E-mailing list  please call Christine at 905-627-9922 ex 23 or Carol Krames 905-627-9922 ex 21.
In a moment of uncharacteristic honesty, Bilaam, the heathen prophet, describes himself as "the one eyed man" (Numbers 24:15).  While many words could be used to describe his unsavory qualities, what was it about his one eye that captured his essence?

Life is nuanced and multi-layered.  Our eye is the lens that we perceive and interpret reality.  For many, life is experienced through a singular lens that distorts the image and blocks out all shades of gray.  Common obstructions include ego, envy, and passion. In Ethics of our Fathers (5:22), Bilaam is diagnosed with an "evil eye" that was infected by arrogance and lust.

We were endowed with two eyes to become sensitized of different perspectives and vantage points.    It's tough to know when we truly see life for what it is.  The starting point is cleaning our lens and seeing beyond ourselves.  

Rabbi Daniel Green        FFor more Short Vorts, Click Here
Mitzvah Campaign

Register Now!!!

Register now for Hamilton Hebrew Academy!

- Summer Daycare (space is limited)
- Licensed daycare soon to include infant program (space is limited)
- Preschool, Elementary School & Middle School!

Click here to download forms.

For more information please call Rebecca Shapiro at 905-528-0330 ex 25 or e-mail
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Register now for Hebrew Village!

Adas Israel's Hebrew School & Enrichment program for children of all backgrounds!
Tuesdays 5:45pm - 7:30pm
Hebrew Language , Jewish Living, Weekly Torah Portion,  Weekly Creative Art Projects with integrated Jewish themes.  (Starts Sep. 12, 2017)

Click here to register.
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Hamilton Hebrew High: Get the Credit You Deserve!

All are invited