Friday March 2
Friday Eve Services
Candle Lighting

Shabbat March 3
Morning 9:00am
Evening 5:45pm
Havdallah 6:53pm

Sunday March 4
Morning Services 8:30am
Evening 6:00pm

Weekday Services
Morning Services 7:15am
Evening 6:00pm 

Mazel Tov

 Howard & Nancy a'h Katz on the birth of a grandson, Howie Charles.
Born to Marci Katz & Kristian Butler, in Australia. A brother for Betty.
Paternal grandparents: Chas & Nell Butler.
 John & Rhonda Ross & family on the loss of their beloved mother, mother-in-law, grandmother and great-grandmother, Evelyn Ross, A'H.
Heather & Len Ritter & family on the loss of their beloved sister, sister-in-law, aunt, Roni (Ryna) Gordon, A'H.

May the Almighty send His condolences among the mourners of Zion and Jersualem.

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Short Vort: The Happiest Day of the Year?
While Haman described the Jewish nation as "scattered and dispersed" (Esther 3:8), Esther urged the Jews to "assemble together" (4:16).  Intuitively she understood that the antidote to Haman's diabolical plot was Jewish unity. 

The celebration of Purim is followed by an ancillary holiday, Shushan Purim, observed only in cities with walls from antiquity (i.e., Joshua's conquest of Canaan in 1300 BCE). The holiday marks the experience of the Jews of Shushan and how, following their added day of battle, they celebrated one day later.

While to us Shushan Purim may seem like an anticlimactic footnote, Rabbi Shmuel Bornsztain of Sochatchov (1855-1926) argues that the power of Shushan Purim eclipses Purim itself.  How so?  In life, it's easy to celebrate our own personal salvation.  To even notice the triumph of others is much more difficult.    True joy is marked by our ability to connect and share with those around us.  Real happiness is never self-centred.  Shushan Purim is the day on our calendar where we share the joy of others and thereby enhance ours as well.  Let's make today the happiest day of the year!
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Thank You!!

Thank you so much to all of our Purim Sponsors!
Box Seats: Joseph & Cheyl Greenbaum  Castle on a Cloud (Bouncy Castle): Joel Yellin & Sandra Seigel | Master of the House: Michael & Adalia Schweitzer, Rabbi Aaron & Leslie Selevan | Photo of the Opera: Stan & Sheryl Katz | My Fair Hamentashen: Shawn & Elza Minden | Wicked Candy (Cotton Candy): Jason & Evelyne Ohayon | School of Gragger: Jason & Evelyne Ohayon |  Patron of Purim Arts: Gabriel Moyal, Vera Chaimovitz, Norm & Judy Bennett, Rabbi Daniel & Tova Green, Simon & Alice Mendelson , Myrna Zelunka | Mark & Anne Mandell | Book of Esther: Rabbi Zalman & Perla Zaltzman & Avi & Rebecca Shapiro | Front Row Seats : Ari Cohen, Ofer Geva, Amir & Racheli Kirat | Westdale Story Sponsors: Amnon & Michal Amsily, Mitchell Axelrad, Howard & Shelley Brown, Dorina & Moishe Chaimovitz, Jacob Cohen, Rachelli & Shimshi Dukesz, Boris & Maya Eventov, Michael & Jennifer Friedland, Tom & Nicole Furst, Brian & Laurie Katz, Morry & Cheryl Koperwas, Lester & Carol Krames, Benjamin & Devorah Pister, Eva & Elliott Raphael, Len & Heather Ritter, Henry & Molly Schwarcz, Brian & Nancy Somer, Arnie & Lila Strub, Hersel & Sima Tehranzadeh, Sonia Vaknin | "Newbies" Sponsors:  Kay Cohen

Thank you also to our many volunteers who helped make this event such a huge success including:
Ariel Lavin, Lyle Helfand, Enza Naftali,  David Bernstein, Carly Ammon,  Alla Bida, Jeannie Lavin, Rabbi Kutnowski, Andrea Levy & Marc Schwartz, Elliot & Eva Raphael, Goldie Weiser, Elie Wolfe, Sarit & the Zalter Family.


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Maple Syrup Festival

Maple  Syrup Festival
Sunday, March 4th @ 11:00 am
Join us at Westfield Maple Syrup Festival to see how maple syrup is made, enjoy authentic maple syrup, ride on horse driven carriages, and more!

No need to RSVP |  Westfield Heritage Village |  1049 Kirkwall Road |  Rockton, Ontario |  L0R 1X0
Answers & Appetizers
COR Live in Hamilton
Answers & Appetizers
Sunday, March 11th
Appetizers at 7:30pm |  Answers at 8:00 pm at the  Adas 

COR Rabbis will outline the most frequent Pesach questions and answers & perform a live demonstration - how to clean your Romaine lettuce to ensure it is bug free. Learn the techniques that COR's professional mashgichim use every day!

Complimentary appetizers and desserts will be served including sushi, cakes and cookies
Family Paint Night (In the Day)

Family Paint Night  (in the Day)
Sunday March 18th @ 10:45 am
With Maggie Norris
Limited Space.  RSVP Here
United Shabbat - Cholent Cookoff
Join US for an Incredible United Shabbat
experience   at our annual Cholent Cook-Off & Kiddush Luncheon

Shabbat March 17th
Kids Carnival @ 11am |  Kiddush Luncheon (following services) at 11:45am.  No RSVP Necessary.  To be a contestant please call 905.528.0039 & book your kitchen time.
HHA Information Night
HHA Ribbon Cutting & Information Night
Sunday, March 18th 
7:00pm Reception
Desserts Served
7:45pm Information Sessions
For parents of children entering 
Kindergarten, Grade 1 & Middle School
Enter through doors at  125 Cline Avenue South, Hamilton