Adat Shalom Reconstructionist Congregation
  Torah School  Chadashot  (News) 
Volume #28, 5/14/2019 
9th of Iyar, 5779-24th day of the Omer
Parshat Emor
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Farewell to Rabbi Julie from Shelley and Hal
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Torah School Council
Snacks for 05/18/19
Dear Parents and Students,

The sage Ben Zoma teaches us: "Who is wise? A person who learns from every person."  (Pirkei Avot 4:1)  I want to recognize our entire staff with  hakarat todah  (with words of gratitude) and appreciation  for learning from and with each other. In particular, I'm grateful for the creativity, support and dedication of my colleagues: Rabbi Fred, Rabbi Rachel, Marla Cohen, Marcie Wilson, Idan Sharon, Kathy Bloomfield, Sarah Wesson, Shay Halevi, Carlos Ventura, Alma Pineda, Elizabeth Orellana, Anna Orellana, Shelley Sadowsky & Hal Segal Co-Presidents, and all the TS Council and Board members I've worked with these past six years.
It has been my pleasure to teach and create meaningful Jewish learning, living opportunities for and with our teachers, madrichimot, thoughtful students, dedicated parents, and AS community members. The names of the teachers, madrichimot and TS Council members are listed below. 
Todah rabah for your kind emails and last Shabbat's community farewell. Please keep in touch as I begin serving as Rabbi Educator at Hill Havurah, Capitol Hill, DC. My personal email is
I want to end my tenure offering a  bracha (blessing) for you:
May you be happy
May you be enriched by Jewish wisdom
May you be peaceful
May you be safe.
May you, your family, and the caring Adat Shalom community continue to go  m'hayil l'hayil, from strength to strength!  May this be your blessing, amen.

Rabbi Julie Gordon
   Kitah Vav Parshat Emor play
10:15am-10:30am in the sanctuary
Kitah Vav students will present their Parshat Emor play, Shmitah, 10:15am-10:30am for the congregation in the sanctuary. Parents and Kitah Hey students are specifically invited to enjoy their creativity.
          May 18th final day of Torah School 
On Shabbat, students will enjoy Renee Brachfeld's Jewish storytelling and juggling  planting flowers, expressing appreciation to their teachers and madrichimot, reflecting on this meaningful year of Jewish learning and living, and playing together. 

Kitot Gan/Alef-Bet  students will plant flowers. Please send your children in play clothes. 
          Todah Rabah to Marcie Wilson, systems administrator, Torah School Teachers, Madrichimot, andTorah School Council Members 
Todah rabah to our talented, creative and dedicated staff: 

We are grateful to Marcie Wilson who works hard and is committed to providing support to ensure teachers,  madrichimot and students have everything they need for successful classroom sessions.

Teachers:  Michael Becker,  Sophie Becker-Klein,  Daphna Ben-Mayor,  Ari Jacobson,    Heather Levy,  Janice Liebowitz,  Ellie Schuchman, Idan Sharon,  Yoni Slater, Pam Sommers,  Adam Stonemeier, and  Marsha Teichman.

Madrichim.ot: Liana Bare, Celeste Basken, Renen Frank, Eliana Hurwitz, Mira Kux, Isaac Lacefield, Bea Marcus, Eden Mellinger, Moriyah Naveh, Isabel Ostheimer, Maia Richman, Sara Scherlinder, Naomi Schneiderman, Micah Schuchman, Sammy Schuchman, Agnes Seldin, Gigi Sherman, Shae Stonemeier, and Natalie Zaid.

Volunteers extraordinaire: Luther Jett, special needs advisor,            Gil Rosen, TS librarian, parents who shared their expertise during staff training, all parents who substitute taught and chaperoned class trips.

Torah School Council: Jodi Lipson, Chair, Wendy Baber, Vice Chair, Heidi Block, Paul Feldman, Melissa Seldin, Sandra Yesnowitz, Kim Bayard, Adjunct-Finance.
Manna food drive
So far we've donated 820 pounds of food toward our 3000 pound goal. Please bring your donations every Shabbat morning. The bins are by the main entrance in the sanctuary foyer. Questions or to make a financial donation, contact Rena Milchberg, 240-205-5940.

Join the Manna packing group on Tuesday, May 21st.

Kitah Vav Havdalah B'bayit led by Rabbi Fred and dairy potluck dinner at Wendy and Dusty Baber's home, May 18th, 5pm-7pm.
We'll celebrate the last day of Shabbat morning Torah School and the next step in your child/ren's Jewish education. If you have a spice box and/or Havdalah candle, please bring them.  RSVP by May 15th here.

Torah School Registration  for 2019-2020 opening soon!

To prepare for next year, enjoy early bird registration discounts and sign up by June 15! Registration link will be up and parents invited to register soon. Watch your email!!
As a family: reJEWvenate together with meaningful Jewish activities during the summer
We hope you and your family have a great summer filled with relaxation and Jewish learning. We encourage your child/ren to read Jewish books and when traveling visit Jewish sites.

Have a Jewish question? Ask Rabbi Google! Here are several great resources for your summer learning:
1. My Jewish Learning   here
2. PJ Library's A Mitzvah a Day here
3. Akhlah: The Jewish Children's Learning Network here

Parenting is filled with challenges and joy. Jewish tradition teaches us to parent each child according to his/her/their unique personality, character traits, challenges and talents.  (Proverbs 22:6) . Best wishes for a wonderful summer!
 Thank you to 
Beth Weinman and Yasmin Meyers for substitute teaching in Kitah Gimmel.
Noa Baum for telling a great story of growing up in Jerusalem to Kitot Bet-Daled students.
Steve Horowitz who will substitute teach in Kitah Gan/Alef.
Diamond and Orit Chaflawee who will substitute teach in Kitah Gimmel.