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Add 10 Years To Your Life
It's not your doctor or genes that add much longevity to your life. It's your "lifestyle" that counts and you're in control.

Find Happiness After 70
Learn the secrets of happiness, especially after 70 when the aging process accelerates.

Ask Larry: "I was exposed to Covid. Do I Need
To Get Tested?" If experiencing no symptoms after five days, probably not. But if having symptoms, get a test right away.

Be Well. Get Your Shots
Your immune system weakens as you get older which is why it's important to get your vaccines to fight off infections.

Escape To My Happy Place
When travel writer Don Mankin feels down, he takes a road trip
to the Rocky Mountains to bring him back up. Rejuvenated. With a new lease on life.

"You Can't Take It With You"
Of course, you should always save for retirement and watch what you spend. But you should also enjoy life because you can’t take your money or stuff with you when you die. It's okay to spend. Wisely.

Ask Marilyn: "Is a Reverse Mortgage Right For Me?"
Recent new rules make a reverse mortgage a lot more attractive today. Read why a RM is a viable option for some.

Looking For Independent Senior Living?
Check out Chateau-Cupertino for independent living starting at
$3,000 per month. Meals included.

Keep Smiling!
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Book Review
"The Nordic Guide
To Living 10 Years Longer"

By Bertil Marklund, MD, Ph.D
10 Easy Tips For A Happier, Healthier Life
Publisher's Note: There are literally thousands of books and articles on how to live a longer, healthier, more meaningful life. As publisher of this publication, I find many of them to be helpful and motivating.
Dr. Bertil Marklund’s short book (126 pages) is a fast read to a long life. Nordic people, in particular, live longer, healthier lives than the rest of us.
What's their secret?
Lifestyle is the critical factor. You're in control of your longevity, not your doctor or your genes which account for only 25%.
How to add years to your life? This comprehensive, easy to read guide covers 10 Easy Tips for a longer, happier life.

1) The importance of exercise
2) Time for recovery
3) Sleep fortifies
4) Sun—but not too much
5) Eat yourself healthy
6) Choose the right drink
7) Keep your weight in check
8) Oral health provides general health
9) Be an optimist
10) We need each other

Bertil Marklund is a medical doctor, researcher, author, professor of general medicine and specialist in public health. He has worked with patients as a general practitioner for over 40 years. He has a medical degree from the University of Gothenburg where he serves as a professor.
To check out The Nordic Guide To Living 10 Years Longer,

You Can’t Take
It With You!
Spend. Wisely
By Evelyn Preston, The Money Lady

You've probably heard the story that best highlights the difference between finances and money and captures the essence of effective financial planning. It refers to the elderly couple who have saved carefully and invested wisely for many years.
When they beg their longtime advisor to “Please tell us what to do with all our money,” he answers, “Spend it! It’s time to enjoy life after your years of saving and you won’t have to worry.”

There comes a time…when all the financial and tax planning as well as those bank accounts, stocks and investments morph into spendable money…a time to turn accumulated cash into the reality of cruises, second homes, grandchildren gifting, charity self-care and dreams come true.

Money means something different to everyone. How to best use our funds should become an individual exercise and often a shared pleasure. “I’ve waited my whole life to…” a time to fill in the blanks.
And of course…at this point we certainly don’t want to lose a penny.

So once we loosen the purse strings and enjoy our well-gotten gains, smart savers must become savvy spenders. We must also be alert to non-obvious losses. Readers are invited to quibble—or add to—my admittedly personal choices.

Bad bets
Not all of the huge hauls from Scratchers, etc. reaches the schools. And the odds of winning the lottery are the typical one-in-millions chance that competes with the number of actual winners who lose what they have within five years. And it’s not just home-grown gamblers; large insurance and other court or company financial settlements often slip away at an alarming rate.

 Coupon returns
A much lesser return than a lottery payoff, small sums can add up. I know people who actually save hundreds via elaborate, time consuming systems by product or date. A friend forgot an open, shoebox full set on her car roof as she drove off with a stream of confetti-like coupons streaming behind…the opposite of a windfall…But even when we snip and clip, we often forget to carry and claim at checkout, or must spend a high minimum amount to receive a few dollars back.

Use it or lose it
This especially applies to all those new streaming TV services introduced for much less than their automatic increases; some we’ll never use or even remember we added. This also applies to on-going magazine subscriptions, rewards programs, product rebates, and not sending in those new appliance ownership cards—that cost me a recalled washer. I’m sure readers will think of many more careless costs or lost savings.

Travel options
I’ve heard reports from raves to regrets about Airbnb’s, VRBOs, and the new wave of rental vacation digs. The travel industry during Covid spilled horror stories from price hikes to costly cancellations and non-honored refunds. Hotels disappoint when we don’t get what we’ve paid-in-advance for but problems can often be corrected on the spot. For other advance reservations, upgrades, etc., keep a paper trail, confirm numbers and names, save all receipts and preserve hard copies. It’s a screwy time in a screwy industry and you don’t want to get…hurt financially.

Unfair losses
There are instances when shady practices, shameful rudeness and relentless scams ruin our well-being and rob our wallets. Complex phone and cable companies change prices, services and terms regularly and cost customers even more in time and aggravation to refute and refine; loud talking, louder snacking and general fidgeting at high-priced performances often spoil the experience; other cash drains come from undefined deadlines (tickets to price hikes); unexplained professional extras (paying by the minute or word); and all the tech-generated phone/computer/modern-life scams from identity theft to postal thieves.

Savings and rewards
The other side of the coin—literally. Paying it forward has a dual meaning. Initiate your personal reward karma for dollars spent on: home maintenance updates, regular car repair, preventable dental problems, needed therapies and more. Use savings to prolong the life of appliances, clothes, our bods…ourselves. Enjoy spending on pleasures and services that will guarantee a profit without any loss!

Evelyn (Evie) Preston is a financial columnist for A050 and worked as a financial advisor for over 25 years. Reach her at
Finding Happiness After 70
Reprinted from McGregor

No More Work!

The kids and grandkids are living a life of their own. There is finally time to do what you want to do. So, why do so many people struggle with happiness after 70?

Sometimes there is an illness or disability that hampers your ability
to do the things you’d like to do but even able-bodied, healthy people can struggle to find meaning in their lives when they get older. We thought we might explore some of the reasons people continue to fail at finding happiness after 70 years of age.

Here are five guaranteed ways to RUIN life in your later years (and
what you can do to avoid them):

1) If you want to fail after 70, you should never exercise

The benefits of exercise after 70 are numerous. Higher energy, better health, restful sleep, etc. Swimming, yoga, walking, and aerobics are all ways to get moving with low impact on your body. You could feel better and regain a youthful energy if you take part in one or all of these activities. Sounds like a recipe for success.

2) You should be alone as much as possible and never make
new friends

You had the same friends for decades, and some aren’t here anymore. You’ve lost touch with some, and some just aren’t the same as they used to be. AARP says that friends are actually good for your brain and help you stay sharp. The likelihood of depression and even physical health maladies reduces when we have a healthy social life. The benefits are numerous and add a rewarding element to your life that you never knew you were missing. This can sound a little intimidating, but there are actually easy ways to make friends as a senior.

3) You should let your brain retire after 70

You spent all those years working, isn’t it time to let your brain rest? If you want to make the most out of your 70s, you’ve got to exercise your brain. How do you do that? Keep your cholesterol low, exercise regularly, eat well, and socialize. These are all ways to make the most out of life. Lethargy, fatty snacks, and isolation are the path to failure for your brain.

4) You should absolutely eat like a 20 year old

Fatty foods, high sugar content, lots of alcohol and caffeine, and heavy dairy are the staples of poor nutrition after 70. Things have changed for the 70+ diet – and WebMD even has a new food pyramid for those in that bracket. Looking to be healthy? Eat those greens and proteins!

5) Most importantly, never look for a new purpose after 70

One of the easiest ways to fail after 70 is to live in the past. Focusing on the past and regrets can cause you to fizzle out in your senior years. Successful, happy people who are over 70 are chasing a new purpose. Whether it’s in church, volunteering, or finding a new hobby – finding a new way to spend time will change your outlook on life.

Nothing makes failure more eminent later in life than being stagnant and not looking for new purpose.

John Donaghue is an award winning creative art director and creator of Under Cardiac Comics appearing in The Scoop.

For a chuckle or two, go to:
Be Well. Get Your Shots!

August is National Immunization Awareness Month!
Vaccines are especially important for older adults. As you get older, your immune system weakens and it can be more difficult to fight off infections. You’re more likely to get diseases like the flu, pneumonia, and shingles — and to have complications that can lead to long-term illness or hospitalization.

If you have an ongoing health condition — like diabetes or heart disease — getting vaccinated is especially important. Vaccines can protect you from serious diseases (and related complications) so you can stay healthy as you age.

The good news is, getting vaccinated can help keep you, your family, and your community healthy. Make sure to protect yourself as much as possible by keeping your vaccinations up to date.

Vaccines are very safe. The most common side effects for all these vaccines are mild and may include pain, swelling, or redness where the vaccine was given.

Before getting any vaccine, talk with a doctor or pharmacist about your health history, including past illnesses and treatments as well as any allergies. A health care provider can address any concerns you have.

Common vaccines administered:

• Covid-19
• Influenza
• Pneumonia
• Tetanus
• Diphtheria
• Pertussis
• Shingles
• Hepatitis A
Physicians Medical Group of San Jose is the largest independent physician’s association in Santa Clara County. We have been part of the community for 40 years with more than 1,000 doctors in 460 offices, plus we speak 30+ languages. Call 888-988-8682 or visit for more information.

Senior Independent Living Community With a Flair

Senior living doesn't get any better than living at Chateau-Cupertino whether you're in retirement or just ready for the next great phase of your life. Enjoy a home-life environment in your own senior apartment with three fresh served home-style meals daily.

Housekeeping and laundry services, all basic utilities, great activity programs, game rooms and transportation--all included starting at $3,000 per month.

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, Cupertino is one of the best places to live in CA--home to world famous Apple company.

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Escape To My Happy Place

By Don Mankin, The Adventure Geezer

The first time I drove to California from the East Coast, trying to escape a run of bad luck in love, life and career in my early-30s, the Rocky Mountains loomed up like a beacon from the prairie, welcoming me to a new life.

This past June, I had the opportunity to immerse myself once again in the grandeur of the Rocky Mountains on a road trip with my wife, Katherine. We looped from the Denver airport through Boulder, Grand Lake and Winter Park before ending a week later back at the airport.

Rocks, goats and fine dining in Boulder, Colorado, at 5,300 feet, gave us an opportunity to adjust gradually to the altitudes in the Rockies. Boulder has a small-town feel with big-city amenities, especially its excellent restaurants, many of them clustered in the downtown area on or near the Pearl Street Mall, the spine of the food and entertainment district.

But what Boulder is really about, aside from a major university and an exploding tech sector, is fitness and outdoor recreation. Boulder offers a wide range of sweat-inducing, muscle-burning, lung-busting outdoor activities. In our day and a half in Boulder I had the opportunity to indulge in a couple of these activities.

 --Larry Hayes, A050 CEO/Publisher

“My lawn bowling partner tested positive for Covid. I’m feeling fine, tho. Should I get tested?”

Bill, Santa Clara, CA
If you're experiencing no symptoms, wait five days before testing. However, if having symptoms, take a PCR or rapid home test right away. 
Although Covid is no longer “breaking news,” it’s still out there and you don't want to catch it. Several of my friends have recently gotten Covid. Fortunately, all recovered with no serious illness or long term complications. But it's no joke.
Covid is something we have to live with. I seldom wear a mask but believe prevention is the best medicine.
“I’m thinking about moving into the Villages—a 55+ senior community in San Jose. Will the HOA cover my mortgage and property taxes?”

If not familiar with the term “HOA,” it stands for Home Owner Association--a monthly assessment you pay for living in a 55+
senior living community like the Villages in San Jose.
To answer your question, the Villages' HOA does not cover your mortgage payment or property taxes.
However, it includes:

Exterior building/grounds maintenance for all the recreational facilities and for the condominiums
• Maintenance of private roads
• 24-hour security
• Payment of taxes on all common buildings and grounds
• Exterior building and street lighting
• Landscaping maintenance
• Roof repair and maintenance
• Trash collection
• Water services
• Cable television service
• Home exterior maintenance
• Fire and comprehensive insurance
For more information about HOA at the Villages, contact
Carla Griffin. A long-time realtor and resident, she can answer all your questions.

Got a Question? Ask me anything. If I don't know the answer, I'll ask someone who does. ASK LARRY is written by Larry Hayes, CEO/Publisher of A050. Email: Visit:

Ask Marilyn
"Is a Reverse Mortgage
Right For Me?"
With over 15 years experience right here in Silicon Valley, I can help answer your questions about reverse mortgages

Q: Will the bank own my home?
The bank does not take ownership of your home; they simply extend
a loan to you. You continue to own and live in your home and are responsible for payment of property taxes, required insurance and if applicable, HOA fees.

Q: Do my children/family members lose their inheritance?
No, a borrower may designate an heir of their choosing.The heir(s) will inherit the home after the last surviving borrower passes away
and may then choose to keep (by paying off the amount of reverse mortgage balance) or sell the home. Should they choose to sell, any remaining equity after paying off the loan (minus interest and fees) would be theirs.

Q: What is the lending limit of the HECM reverse mortgage?
As of January 1, 2021, it increased to $822,375. Which means it's very likely you can qualify for more money.

To learn more, call me today: 408.722.0010 

Marilyn Brown Ross Branch Manager & Reverse Mortgage Professional

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