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11,000 Americans turn 65 every day. Increasingly they use the Internet to find local Medicare Supplement information and agents.  Now they can find you, and Western Marketing will pay 40% of the cost.
We'll pay 40% of the cost for 50 agents who add their listing to the online directory hosted by the American Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance.  This increasingly popular resource allows consumers to find and connect with local Medicare insurance agents.
Here's How To Learn More and Add Your Listing:

The Association offers 1, 2 and 3-year listing options.   Western Marketing will pay 40% of the cost for either a 2-year or 3-year listing.  This offer is limited, so act now.
Simply select the 2-year or 3 year listing option (Step 1) and enter the Referral Code
wm40now during Step 2 of the sign-up process.  Be sure to click the Apply Code button.  Your cost for a 3-year listing will be $165.  Just one sale over 3 years more than pays for the listing.
Read testimonials from agents who are listed on the directory:  CLICK HERE

Add your 2 or 3-year listing.  Just follow the simple 3-step process.  You can easily post your own listing or pay the Association $50 to post it for you.
Questions?  Call us at 800-852-7152 for more information.

The American Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance (AAMSI) is an independent advocacy and educational organization.