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December 6, 2016

Rainbow Colors on a Yorkie  

Angela Kumpe loves to have fun with vibrant colors. Learning how to create a rainbow effect on a Yorkshire Terrier's coat is a lot simpler than it looks!

Angela shows you her tricks to get this brilliant color while keeping the colors crisp and clear.  
Once the rainbow effect is complete, Angela demonstrates how to easily add three crystals to this little pooch's tied up topknot along with a fun bow.
Click below for more details and to see the free preview!

From the Archives!  
Grooming a Yorkie in a Personality Trim "Bella-Bottom Trim"

This a great solution for any drop coated breed that mats easily - Yorkies, Malteses, or Shih Tzus. It's an easy trim to do and grabs attention because it's so appealing. Lindsey, being a horse woman as well as an awarding winning pet stylist, says the feet remind her of a Clydesdale. Combine those fun furry feet with an adorable head style and you have a winning ticket. This trim is super stylish and easy to do, and that translates into easy money in your pocket!

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