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Add the Science Project to Google Classroom
Teachers using Google Classroom can use the "Create Assignment" button at Science Buddies to add steps of the science project assignment to Google Classroom for easier oversight. Plus, breaking the project into smaller tasks and check-in points helps students stay on track! 

Exciting New Student Science Projects
Get Smart about File Deletion
Find out if the file you deleted is really gone with a hands-on project that explores  how computer files are stored and deleted . Be sure and check the new Cybersecurity special interest area at Science Buddies, too!

Computer science projects at Science Buddies are supported by Symantec. 
The Science of Being Seen 
new safety science project  helps students better understand what it takes to "be seen" at night. Put different types of safety clothing to the test to see which ones may help improve pedestrian safety.

Resources to help students engineer public safety solutions are supported by the Motorola Solutions Foundation.
Experiment with Virtual Reality Science  
With cardboard viewers and phone apps, students can  explore the science behind Virtual Reality . Plus, our new  Virtual Reality Science Projects  resource gathers related projects and career information in one central spot. 
STEAM: Creative Science and Engineering
Merry Science: Take a Candle Carousel for a Spin
Explore aerodynamics with a homemade  candle carousel , a traditional German holiday decoration.   
Use a Sensor to Help Monitor Water Levels 
With the  Sensors Kit  from the Science Buddies Store, students can build a simple circuit to monitor water levels in a plant--similar to the  sensor ornament our engineer made  for his tree!
Light Up Their Creativity
With the Electric Play Dough science kit and projects, students light up their creativity by adding LEDs to play dough creations--and learn about circuits at the same time! 

Learn more about the Electric Play Dough kit in the Science Buddies Store.
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