Cool giveaways for Easter weekend
Unfortunately not everything you see tumbling  out of our Easter Egg here, but read on for two very tempting treats

We have lots going on in the sci-fi world right now and we're looking forward to telling you more about it in the coming weeks.  While you wait for news about developments with Firestorm Armada and Planetfall, we have a couple of most cool freebies for anyone placing sci-fi orders in our online store this weekend. For every £60 spent with us on Firestorm Armada, Planetfall or Halo products, you can choose one of our freebie Easter giveaways:

Cool Freebie 1 - use Coupon Code ODE at the checkout
A limited-edition Overseers Deliverance Engine. These awesome ships have been appearing all over the Firestorm Galaxy and now here is your chance to own one (or two if you spend £120!). Check out our blog which gives you a short narrative and some images.
Views of both sides of the Engine. Incredible detail!

This model is huge - here it next to a Terran Frigate for scale

Cool Freebie 2 - use Coupon Code CB at the checkout
Folk really seemed to like our new range of modular 10/15mm sci-fi scenery which is perfect for use in games of both Planetfall and Halo: Ground Command, or any other game of a compatible scale for that matter. As we lead into a series of new Military Bunkers and Fortification products we bring you a cool Command Bunker that can grace any gaming table and act as the perfect primary objective in a mission.

The Bunker is made from resin and MDF and is designed to allow units to be garrisoned inside it. We're really excited by this new series of terrain and our weekend offer is an ideal way for you to kick off your collection of new sci-fi scenery. So, whether you play Planetfall, Halo or BOTH this freebie is a pretty neat addition to your gaming table!

Two views of the bunker, assembled plus an inside view of garrisoned units (not included) 
And take a look at the Latest Products on the home page of our online store for more scenery in this scale - launched this month.