Using props for yoga can be a great way to expand your practice and assist an area that may need support. Props like yoga blocks, bolsters, and belts can help practice poses with greater ease and effectiveness, without overextending your limits. Yoga props are for everyone. Strategically placed, they can help you further your yoga practice.

Blocks . Available in different sizes, blocks can be used in three different variations: laid flat. on an edge, or standing tall. Blocks can be used to assist in flexibility by raising the "floor" to you, and offering leverage in bends and folds. By placing them at different areas of your body you can increase your stretching capabilities.

Bolsters and Blankets . Available in different sizes, bolsters and blankets assist in opening, releasing or supporting your body when needed. Often used in Hatha and Yin Yoga, bolsters are a great tool for holding poses for an extended amount of time.

Belts . Easy to utilize something from your own home, belts are key in stabilizing joints, encouraging flexibility and creating space in postures.