Ministering the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Costa Rica with Praying Pelican Missions, networking with local churches and connecting mission teams to  life- changing ministry opportunities.
Added to the Church!  Real life Acts 2:47
This month I, Nate, have had the opportunity to travel around and hear reports from pastors concerning our summer trips.  It has been a joy hearing how the churches are growing, being encouraged, and reaching out in ways they have never considered before.

Upon one of my first visits this month, it came to my mind that I should be asking "what fruit has come since the team has left Costa Rica?" The answers were astounding, and has once again given me motivation to keep pressing on!

Six of the churches that we asked were able to give an actual number of people now attending their church that were previously not church attenders.  From those six churches, 100 people are now plugged into a local church!  WHAT?  100 more people in 6 churches!

This means that 100 people are connected to a life-giving, local church.  100 people are being discipled and are growing in their new faith.  100 people are finding hope through Jesus Christ and community with other Christians.  100 people are learning how to live victoriously, how to stand against the enemy, and how to study the Scriptures.  This is HUGE!

In the past I have had to defend the value of short-term mission trips over and over again. The proof is in the fruit.

From the moment the first church gave a real number of people being added to the Church, I was reminded of Acts 2:47 "and the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved."

The beauty of all of this is that we are able to partner with all sizes of local churches in Costa Rica, all having their own unique giftings and outreaches.  Now the local churches are working hard to keep the fruit, water it, and watch it grow!
More Fruit:  Taste and See!
Many of the families who were added to the local church were because of our Food Distribution outreach, where the local pastor targets certain households that are in need.  The teams go in with $25 worth of groceries and present the food, offer prayer, and share their testimonies.  It's that simple!

Another church said that because of the emphasis of a team strategically working with children in the community through Vacation Bible School, 30 children were added to their church.  The church has taken in the children, and spends their own resources to feed them on Sunday mornings.  Some parents are attending with their children and others have learned to trust the church, and will walk their children there for kids ministry.  We know that soon, more parents will desire to stay themselves!

One of the other fruits from the summer trips that we are hearing is that the local church is being re-energized.  One church alone said that they have so many people be impressed with foreigners coming to serve in their community that they realized they have ways that they can serve as well!

Another church now reaches out to women just like our team did with manicures and pedicures.  That same church now also reaches out in a community where we had gone to serve at a school.  A great door was opened to the Church that week!

One church said that the reputation of the church has been dramatically improved by our short-term missionaries serving.  The community now has a different view of the church!

At a small church that is pretty far out, the Pastora said that she was motivated to continue on in the ministry.  She was even invited by the local school where a team served to continue ministering to the children!

From a Feeding Night hosted at a local church, 2 ladies returned to the church after the team was gone and put their faith in Jesus!

From a new church that we worked with for the first time, the report was that the church members are now working together in unity as a team.  It took a team coming to serve, love and worship with them for a week for the Church to become unified as one body!

These reports are from a very small percentage of our trips this summer!  I can't wait to hear what else God has done!

And guess what?  This is fruit for you!  Thank you for your faithful support through prayer and finances, we could not do this without you!
Upcoming Trips and Pastor's Conference!
This month is a busy one as we serve in Costa Rica. Along with having visitors in our home, we also have 4 important dates to keep in prayer:  

1.   September 30 - October 6, serving with Red Rocks Church from Colorado as we partner in Liberia/Sardinal.

2.   October 13th we will be hosting our 2nd Annual Pastor's Conference!

3.   October 15-17, meeting with pastors near San Jose to hear reports of more fruit.

4.   October 21-27, serving with Abundant Life Church from Pennsylvania as we partner in San Rafael.
We want to be YOUR Missionaries!
We live by the generous partnership of people just like many of you who receive this 
newsletter.   Currently we are looking for new Monthly Partners who can commit to financially sow into us, our children, and our ministry on a monthly basis.  

We are extremely thankful for the individuals, families, and churches that have already partnered with us to advance the Gospel in Costa Rica.  We are honored and count it a joy to be your missionaries on the ground in Costa Rica! 

As an added bonus, every $100/month partner receives a benefit of a free registration for a Mission Trip to Costa Rica yearly!  Just pay for your flights and we take care of the rest!

Story from a Local Costa Rican Church

Take three minutes to watch the story of one of our Costa Rica pastors, and see what he has to say about the teams that come to visit.  We serve about 40 pastors in Costa Rica and this is just one of their amazing stories!

Nathan, Laura, Darrell 
(in the USA), Reagan, Abigail,  Malachi,  & Isaiah