A brief Addendum to the recent Christmas letter from Fr Joseph (Part 2)

Dear brothers and sisters:

I had thanked a few of you in my Christmas letter (reposted below). However, in re-reading it, I realized that there are many other people who I would like to thank by name for constantly giving of your time in serving others and serving this parish. I could not imagine what it would be like without any of you.  
In particular, I would like to thank our faithful Trustees, Michael & Laureen; all of our hard working Parish Council, especially Rose, our council president (and live-stream monitor); all the members of the Finance Council; our amazing Harvest Father & Mother of the Day, Lawrence & Joy; our dedicated RCIA coordinator Lys; our loving catechists: Jefferson, Ahmed, Brian, Maria, Maria, Avon & Mathias; and Jules, our amazing IT person; Ahmed Marie, our resident geek; Thomas who spent many hours upgrading our sound system; Eric our on-site sound man during Mass; Angela, Kennechukwu & Efua our talented camera crew; our prayerful & talented altar servers: Brian, Mathias, Ahmed, Kenechukwu, Sam, Augustine, Michael & Francis & Emmanuel their mentor, who help us celebrate Holy Mass with the solemnity it deserves; Kanayo, our dedicated coordinator of our Liturgy schedule and her dedicated lectors; Stephen Burke, my twin & our faithful Sunday Mass Sacristan; Solomon, our gracious Sunday Covid compliance person; Ricardo, Junior & Ouffwet who are always ready to serve; Adaora, who is president of Real Love Ministries and so generous with her time; Nkiruka, who is the Servant leader of Divine Adoration Prayer Group and a faithful prayer warrior; Lynette, our seamstress with angel wings; Farmer Jane, our untiring gardener; talented Jose who set up the Christmas lighting along the fence.
I am very grateful to all of our very generous benefactors who give without anyone ever knowing about it. I am grateful to all of you who are not named, who generously support this parish with your time, talent and treasure, but most of all by your constant outpouring of love and prayers. To all of you who should have been mentioned here, I trust that our Good God cannot be outdone in his noticing any good that we do in his Name and in gratitude for all He has done for us.
God bless you all.
If you haven’t already read my Christmas letter and the look back at this past year at St A’s, just continue reading below.

In Jesus thru Mary & Joseph,

Fr Joseph

Fr Joseph's digital Christmas letter

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Rev. Joseph A. Meagher (Pastor)