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Addgene's Technology Transfer Newsletter, Spring 2018

Spring is here?


Like much of the U.S., we here at Addgene have been enduring the long winter. Yet, in the midst of all the wintry weather, a lot of new and exciting changes have happened. This newsletter will introduce you to our newest member of the tech transfer team, walk through our approach to updating your tech transfer accounts, provide some context to all those privacy updates that have been flooding your inbox and discuss copyright's fair use doctrine. 
  ~The Addgene Team
Get to Know an Addgenie: Krisandra Cuenta

Krisandra joined Addgene in December of 2017 as our newest Corporate Counsel. In the  past few months, she has worked with our outside vendors, advised on lease matters and managed ou r GDPR eff orts. Aside  from doubling the size of our in-house Legal Team, she has quickly beco me a contributing member of our Tech Transfer Team. You've likely worked with her already on an MTA or deposit agreement. 

Finding Fair Use Could Be Transformative
In today's digital world, a creative work that can take years of coordinated artistic and financial efforts like a movie, book or song can be copied and shared globally, without authorization, in a matter of seconds. No captions or disclaimers of "no infringement intended" will absolve one for such unauthorized copying.

There are times, however, when unauthorized copying is permitted. Indeed, our very "progress of science and the useful arts" may require it now more than ever, given the extended life of copyrights today. Knowing when such unauthorized use is permitted, though, is not so straightforward. 

New Home Pages!

If you've logged into your Addgene Tech Transfer Account recently, you may have noticed we replaced that wall of text with navigable icons and symbols. If you haven't logged in lately,  check it out!

What's With All Those Privacy Emails?

By now, your inbox has probably received its share of "We've updated our privacy policy/settings!" emails. 

This is because the EU General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR"), which goes into effect on May 25, 2018, is causing organizations across the globe to rethink their approach towards collecting, storing, and processing the personal data of its customers. This article will provide you with insight into the most important change in data privacy regulation in 20 years.

Agile Account Approach
As noted above, we have made some changes to your Tech Transfer Accounts. Following up on our article from last year, check out how we're applying the Agile project management framework toward determining the highest priority updates as well as carrying out their implementation.