Saving Homeless and Helpless Animals
Addie's Story

I heard a noise and I saw someone walking toward us.  They stooped down and began picking up my puppies.  "Where are you taking my babies?",  I screamed and yelled but they never answered.  "Are you coming back for me"?   I waited patiently, I was so hungry and thirsty.  It seemed like an eternity but they finally returned, I was saved.  I remember being so scared. What's going to happen to me?  I'm not very pretty, who would want me?   Just look at me, I'm skin and bones.  But you know what, someone did want me.  A wonderful person from The Humane Society saw my picture and they wanted me!  I remember these warm, soft loving hands putting me in their car and this kind gentle voice telling me I was safe and would never suffer again.

Thank you for listening, 

Addie was chained outside with her puppies and someone cared enough to snap a picture. She was skin and bones. The picture was sent to the local shelter and the pups were picked up but not Addie, for some reason, even in her horrible condition, the owners didn't want to let her go, so she was left. But that wasn't the end.  
The shelter had posted that picture of the mother chained up with her puppies.

When we saw her picture our foster team immediately contacted the shelter and advised the director we would take the mom and bring her into our program.  Animal Control Officers made it happen, they got Addie.  One of our volunteers was notified and raced to the shelter to pick this poor baby up.  Addie arrived at our office and we began the process of bringing her into our foster program.  While she waited for her new foster mom to pick her up, she cuddled in a volunteers lap as if to say thank you for saving me.  

Addie is a survivor she nursed puppies and gave them all her nourishment to keep them alive, that's just what mommas do. She is getting her chance now. She is in a foster home and wants for nothing. As one of our volunteers told her during that snuggle on the couch, "you are safe, and will never suffer again". 

Had it not been for the concerned person who took the picture of this girl, and the organizations that were involved to make sure this girl would be safe and have a new opportunity at life she most likely would not have had a future.  

It takes a village to be concerned and make the right choices. It takes a village to save animals. Come, be a part of that village, foster, adopt, donate or volunteer.  Together, we can make a difference.

To those involved in saving this girls precious life, we say Thank You. Because of you, Addie is safe and will live the life she deserves.

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