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March 11, 2019
It feels so good to sit back,  catch our breath and  savor a cup of empowerment   fro God's Word



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Adding Geritol To Your Prayers  
Dr. CarolMarie Smith

It's my belief that Popeye ate his spinach because good ole Geritol was not around at the time!  If you need extra power, or are deficient in minerals, grab your bottle of Geritol!

We are in the month of Adar, which means "Strength".  Within this month is the celebration of Purim where good prevailed over evil.  But it did not happen without the spiritual Geritol that was needed for such an overwhelming and evil situation!

You see the same spirit that controlled Haman is at work in the world today!
Purim comes from the Book of Esther when Haman who was the Prime Minister to King Ahasuerus of Persia devised an evil plot.  In his pride and desire to control he demanded everyone beneath him to bow when he came by them.  According to history and research, Haman's robe had embroidered gods and their symbols around the base of his robe.  In bowing to him the subjects were bowing to the gods he represented.  Mordecai who was Esther's cousin and a righteous man refused to bow for he loved the true and living God.  Mordecai had raised Esther as his own child for she was orphaned.  God had positioned her now as queen, though it was not known that she was a Jew.

It angered Haman that he could not control Mordecai and get him to submit to him and his gods.  The evil that was at work in Haman is still at work today.  Maybe you have encountered situations where someone is trying to control you or just simply want their way.  And as with Haman if you confront it, they respond in rage.  Don't be surprised if you yourself have acted out with some of those feelings too!  God wants to expose the Haman spirit or attitude in us where pride wants to rule.  This is a time to recognize it and press into God to see victory!  It's time to get out the Geritol!

Not only did Haman's rage want to get rid of Mordecai but all the people he represented!  When he found out that Mordecai was a Jew he was able to persuade the King to sign a decree to get rid of all the Jews in all the 127 provinces from India to Russia.  Haman cast lots to see what day this was to take place.  Purim means "lots".  It gave permission for those not Jewish to kill their neighbor and take their possessions.  Not only did this cause fear but also there was confusion in the land.  You can imagine!  We are in the time of Purim.  It is a time where evil is trying to over ride good.  There is conflict in the spirit realm and it is showing up in the people around us and even in ourselves!  It is a time to add Geritol to our prayers!

When Mordecai heard of the decree, he immediately began to fast and pray.  He sent word to Esther to use her influence with the king to change the matter.  The law said that if you approached the king when not called, you could lose your life, even if you were the queen.   He would have to extend the golden scepter to stop that judgment.  Esther had not been called upon for some time.  (Note that when this Haman spirit tries to control, it will try to isolate the ones they want for themselves.) The queen that had reigned before her had not obeyed the king's command and her consequences were great!  What Mordecai was asking was not an easy thing for Esther to do. It could mean her life as well.  But strength came as she was reminded of her purpose.  It was for such a time as this she was in position.  She also declared a fast of all the people for three days as she sought God and His direction.  Let me remind you of that too.  What has God called you to do?  Sometimes it is in these situations that our purpose or calling emerges!  What has God equipped you to do?  What influence do you have and how does God want to use it for the Kingdom of God?  It is a time to add the power of fasting to your prayers also.  For in fasting you shut down the dictates of the flesh or physical demands and cause the spirit to be more in tune.  

Esther did hear from God and was able to turn the situation around!  But it did not come without adding the Geritol to her prayers!  Spend time with God.  Shut down the demands of your body and feed your spirit the scriptures.  I always have amazing breakthrough when I do three day fasts.  (Most of the time I just drink liquids and don't eat solid food.  And on the third day I usually have an answer!)

It's time to approach the King of Kings.  Let me assure you that He will extend the golden scepter as you are honest before Him!  Our lives and situations need it!  Our families and communities are looking for answers too!  Our nation needs God to bring righteousness!  We also are here for such a time as this!  It's time for the Geritol!

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Be sure to read the Torah portions below that Jesus read during this time in history!  There is always something that relates to us in our place in history now!  That's so amazing to me!

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