A top designer we've worked with for years reminded me that design is never a passive job. Many of the world's best designers actively engage clients to help them understand how to improve not only their space but their lives. 

The same designer recently was commissioned to install a Buddha garden comprised of 10 Buddhas varying in size and appearance. It turned out so well the client remarked that she didn't even know how much she needed it, and in these crazy times, a daily dose of serenity does so much.

In our effort to help create more opportunities for you, our design and trade partners, beginning this Saturday, September 12th, until September 21st, we are offering 50%-70% retail price off all Buddhas. We hope the additional savings creates opportunities for you, as well as serenity for your clients. 

We're regarded widely as having one of the best Buddha collections in the design trade. Ranging from stone to marble to wood and sized from small to very large. Our Buddhas can be seen anywhere from Tao's restaurants, various properties, private homes, and way too many hotels to count. Please call or stop by anytime. We would love to see you! 

Love and serenity,