ADDITIONAL GUIDANCE - Governor's Response
Stay Home, Stay Healthy Proclamation (20-25) 
RCAW Members & Stakeholders:

Over the weekend I received a response from the Governor's office which delineated his order specifically on roofing and wanted to share it with all our hardworking roofing companies. I have have copied the email I received below.

Things are difficult right now, I know, and navigating this ever-changing set of circumstances is mind-boggling to say the least. Please join us tomorrow 3/31 at 11 AM for a webinar related to specific issues Washington Roofing Companies are facing. Click Here to sign up. This webinar is free to all members. If you need the coupon code please contact me at before signing up . We also have a resource page on our website under the Safety tab and you can Click Here to visit that page.

Please feel free to contact me by phone or email should you have questions or concerns. We are here to help keep you informed, but cannot provide you legal advice. I am, however, working diligently to get you answers in this crazy time we are all facing.
Covid-19 Update 03/30/2020
Governor Inslee's Office Response
Thank you for your inquiry. The Governor has deliberated on this issue extensively and does not take this decision lightly. Nonetheless, he believes that the best way to control the spread of COVID-19 is to temporarily limit the interactions on construction sites as much as possible. In his review of the issue, the Governor identified what he believes are the most critical activities within construction, and he highlighted those in his March 26, 2020 memo. In this case, roofing projects supporting non-essential activities may be completed to “prevent spoliation and avoid damage or unsafe conditions, and address emergency repairs at both non-essential businesses and residential structures.” Kindly note, however, that damage must be imminent and not remote.

Lastly, please know that roofing businesses may continue to perform minimum basic operations to a) maintain the value of their inventory, b) preserve the condition of their premises and equipment, c) ensure security, d) process payroll and employee benefits, and e) conduct related functions. However, any activity described above must still adhere to the guidelines around social distancing and sanitation referenced in Proclamation 20-25 or any subsequent proclamation related to essential businesses.

Thank you, and please remember to practice social distancing in all of your interactions.

This response is intended only to provide guidance on Proclamation 20-25 and does not grant any other license, certification, or privilege.

Proclamation 20-25 does not require anyone to carry documentation or certification proving that they are in compliance. Similarly, no state or local agency will be providing special certification that an activity is essential.

For more information and assistance with navigating this ever-changing situation or to sign up for our webinar on 3/31 at 11 AM please Click Here or feel free to call the office at 253-282-9823 or email me at .
Stay Healthy,

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