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May 2,  2016




The wait is over! AddonSoftware® by Barista  version 16.0 is the fastest and most robust version ever released and it is available for download now . The release is concurrent with the release of BBj and Barista 16.0.  To list every enhancement would lead to a very long announcement so we have picked a few of the most exciting enhancements and documented the balance HERE   for your reading pleasure.

Download and install version 16.0 today! For additional details, refer to the readme, relnotes, and fixes files.
Addon AddonSoftware 16.0 Enhancements

Integration with
GoldMine CRM 
Form and Reports
Conversion to Jasper 
Item Availability
Across All Warehouses
Integration with GoldMine facilitates views of forms and queries from GM+Views. It also enables the loading AddonSoftware data into the GM database and importing GM data into the AddonSoftware database
Converted Purchase Orders, Pick List/Quotation, Purchase Requisition, and Shop Floor Pick List to Jasper for a modern, more easily customizable format. All DocOut reports render in the Jasper Viewer, making them viewable in BUI
New button added to the Inventory Item Master provides quick access showing item availability across all warehouses
  Barista Barista 16.0 Enhancements 
Cheetah running

QuickView Grid
Form and Query
Enhancements to Application Replication
A faster user experience with Full Text Queries, even with custom queries involving multiple tables.  Less developer effort with better tools, such as a new Report viewer with searching and tab views
Faster retrieval performance when launching, running and dismissing forms and queries through implementation of the QuickView Grid concepts, round trip reduction, and application of prefix analysis results
Added rules governing the installation and/or removal of a child application, as well as manual sync of table aliases in a child application
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AddonSoftware and Barista version 16.0?

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