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April 17,  2018




AddonSoftware ® by Barista version 18.0 is available for download now . This release is concurrent with the release of BBj and Barista 18.0 and the new BLM. We have picked a few of the most exciting enhancements to highlight below and documented the balance HERE for your reading pleasure.

Download and install version 18.0 today! For additional details, refer to the readme, relnotes, and fixes files.

Addon AddonSoftware 18.0 Enhancements

Expanded and
Searchable Memo Fields
Automatically Generate
Work Orders from a
Sales Order
Additional Access to
Credit Maintenance Form
Expanded multi-line memo fields have been added to store both internal and customer-facing comments. Transactional comments can be viewed and/or edited via the new historical inquiry forms. Memo fields can be indexed for fast Google-like searches.
A new option in Order Entry generates a Work Order for an item associated with a Bill of Materials when the ordered quantity exceeds the quantity on hand.
Added Credit Maintenance form as an additional option from the Customer Master form.

New Salesperson
Call List
Enhanced Report
Export Format
Flexibility in Ordering by Unit of Sale or 
Unit of Purchase
New call list report of customers with overdue balances to be used as a follow-up sales tool. Includes contact info, days late, and invoice details.
Several reports have been enhanced to provide an export format suitable for loading into a spreadsheet.
Order and Invoice Entry allows items to be ordered by their Unit of Sale or by their Unit of Purchase.
  Barista Barista 18.0 Highlights That Benefit AddonSoftware

Document Output
Easily Reset Forms
to Defaults
New Form
Checkbox Feature
Substantial enhancements and corrections to the Document Output (DocOut) sub-system, including column justification is now reflected in the column adjustments grid
Adds a new menu item for end users "Reset Form" (Ctrl-F5) that acts upon the standard maintenance and query forms by closing the form and removing any form-related user settings, thus reverting it back to its originally designed state the next time it is run.
Adds new ease of use functionality to the "Use checkbox entry" option in the maintenance and detail grids. This option adds a dynamic context menu to each checkbox column with Select/Deselect All and Select/Deselect Highlighted rows.
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AddonSoftware and Barista version 18.0?

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