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April 30,  2019




AddonSoftware ® by Barista version 19.0 is available for download now . This release is concurrent with the release of BBj and Barista 19.0, the building blocks of AddonSoftware. We have picked a few of the most exciting enhancements to highlight below and documented the balance HERE for your reading pleasure.

Download and install version 19.0 today! For additional details, refer to the readme, relnotes, and fixes files.

Addon AddonSoftware 19.0 Enhancements

Pay Your Vendors Electronically

Credit Card
Streamline your payables processing with the option to pay your vendors electronically. This new feature adds new payable efficiencies while maintaining the security and reporting needed in today's business environment.
A new interface to shipment tracking software enables your team to know the location and status of outbound packages. Tracking numbers, weight, and freight costs are automatically maintained with 3rd party interfaces or can be manually entered as a part of Order Entry to assure that accurate information is available when the question of 'Where is my shipment?" is asked.
Receivables processing receives improved efficiencies too with an integrated credit card feature. Accept credit card payments directly into cash receipts processing without relying on and paying for 3rd party utilities.

Create a New PO by Duplicating a PO Receipt
Improved Payment Selection Entry
Enhanced New Install and Create New Firm Utility
Quickly create a new Purchase Order from within the Purchase Order Entry task by duplicating a historical receipt. This useful addition streamlines and eliminates errors in the reorder process.
Payment Selection Entry is more intuitive and user-friendly in both "standard" mode and "Payment Authorization" mode which supports the approver's electronic signature. Filtering by invoice number adds the ability to undo an invoice review or approval. One can also now save scanned invoices directly to the Document Archive - a real time-saver.
Both the general installation processes and the addition of new firms/companies have been made much easier. Default parameters and codes can optionally be used to reduce the time required for new installations.
  Barista Barista 19.0 Highlights That Benefit AddonSoftware

New Screen Capture Feature
Improved Role Permissions
A picture really is worth 1,000 words. This new capability captures and emails screen images for improved troubleshooting. It is particularly useful with its integration into the error reporting system. IT administrators will love it!
What users can view, edit, or delete is critical to any system. A new selectable permissions feature for administrators eases the complexity of managing a user's permissions.
Enhancements include being able to view source documents, when available, and improvements in managing the processing queue.
Interested in learning about the many more features and enhancements
AddonSoftware and Barista version 19.0?

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