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April 6, 2020




AddonSoftware ® by Barista version 20.0 is available for download now . This release is concurrent with the release of BBj and Barista 20.0, the building blocks of AddonSoftware. We have picked a few of the AddonSoftware enhancements to highlight below and documented the balance of the BBj, Barista, and AddonSoftware features HERE for your reading pleasure.

Download and install version 20.0 today! For additional details, refer to the readme, relnotes, and fixes files.

Addon AddonSoftware 20.0 Enhancements

Still More
Drilldowns and Queries

Improved Credit 
Card Processing

Easy access to your data - Added Historical Invoices drilldown to the Invoice No. column on the Historical Sales Invoices query under Expresso's Customer search options. Also added AP query for Historical Invoices with transaction detail drilldown to Vendor maintenance and Expresso search.
Customers can register and pay invoices directly online through a new BUI Customer Payment Portal that links to or PayFlow Pro hosted payment pages. Gateway responses are stored in history files, and a Cash Receipt is automatically generated for approved transactions.

Easier Upgrades
Electronically Sign
Purchase Orders
New utilities facilitate copying an AddonSoftware installation from one location (or server) to another location (or server), as is often required for upgrades.
Use signatures from the new Purchasing Agent Code to efficiently sign electronically processed Purchase Orders. 
  Barista Barista 20.0 Highlights That Benefit AddonSoftware

Enhanced Company Searches
Popup Calendars
In Grid Forms
Toggle Hyperlinks in Barista Query
Enhances the Change Company selection to provide all the functionality of a Barista query for searching, filtering and selecting a company. Very beneficial when many companies are involved! 
Adds a popup calendar function to the maintenance and detail grids for cells of type InputD. Utilizes recently added BBjGrid::showCalendarForCell. 
Adds a new "Enable Drill Downs" option to the query form for activating and deactivating cells with hyperlinks. The state of the option is saved by user and query or table id. 
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