We believe voters deserve to know where we stand on the critical issues facing the Village of East Hampton.

For more detailed information on each you can go to our website TheElmsParty.org and follow the link for “important topics” to see our previous emails!

Clean Water Initiatives
Clean water initiatives must be a priority! Our rain water garden on the village green, improved and additional filters in storm drains to deal with run-off from roads and fields, the dredging of Town Pond this fall, working with the Friends of Georgica Pond on issues facing that body of water, and preliminary plans for waste water treatment are all part of this critical issue. 

Comprehensive Plan
We support updating of the Village Comprehensive Plan, which is the blueprint for the Village Board in addressing the residents’ vision for our village in terms of zoning, commercial development, scenic vistas, and historic preservation to name a few.

Land Preservation
and Open Space
The Community Preservation Program is an important tool to benefit our village by allowing us to purchase parcels for open space and scenic easements, as well as historic buildings for restoration. We will aggressively pursue open space preservation and water quality improvements throughout the village.

Budget for fiscal year 2020-21
We have maintained a very high credit rating and will balance our current year’s budget despite the challenges of the Coronavirus. We adopted a conservative budget which will include important infrastructure improvements but protect our taxpayer’s through careful planning. 

Pesticide Use
New York State is a pre-emptive state which means local municipalities cannot overrule state laws, but we would like to pursue strengthening our code in terms of chemical use on lawns, particularly surrounding our water bodies, encourage organic landscape maintenance, and increase natural vegetative buffers. We want to create an Environmental Advisory Committee to lead that initiative.

Herrick Park
The expansion and improvements planned will benefit our community as an oasis in the midst of our busy commercial core.

Joint Traffic Task Force
Working with the town and state we hope to see improvements in our transportation options and our busy roadways

Coastal Erosion Plan
As participants in the town’s Coastal Erosion Plan we will be looking for ways to strengthen our village codes going forward, based on the information gleaned from this joint project.

Please click on the link below to access our website and learn more about these topics. And feel free to write to us if you would like clarification or have a topic you would like us to address. 

Coming Soon
We will be addressing our Deer Management Program, our vision for East Hampton Village, and additional important issues in the coming weeks.
These are issues our Village residents need to understand because an informed electorate is our strongest asset.
Photos by Richard Lewin