Addressing Outstanding Balances

One of the first projects of the newly-formed EDS National Board is to address outstanding balances that students have when they leave one school to enroll in another , whether entering high school or transferring to a different school in any grade.

We sought the advice of a nationally-renowned private school law firm. They recommended that schools include the following verbiage in their application, admissions or enrollment materials;

"By submitting an application to our school, you are giving us permission to check if you have an unresolved, outstanding balance with your child(ren)’s previous school(s). If we learn that there is one, we may reject your application based on the fear that this will happen to our school as well. Therefore, please contact your present school and resolve any outstanding balances." 

Please email Rabbi Perry Tirschwell if you have any questions about why this language was recommended.

Security Survey Is Yielding
Surprising Results

Thirty-five schools responded to our Security Survey in the first 24 hours! Please take out a few minutes to answer the seven questions if you haven't done so already. To understand the usefulness of this survey, look at the preliminary results to the question about security fees is;

55% charge no security fee (ie. security is just part of their operating budget). Of the remaining 43%, the following charge the following per family fees;

$75- 3%
$100- 3%
$150- 6%
$200- 3%
$275- 3%
$300- 6%
$375- 3%
$500- 6%
$1000- 6%

And two schools responded that they charge a per student fee- one charges $550/student, and the other assesses a $200/student fee. 

The results of this totally anonymous survey will be shared with the participants in the EDS Network. Because of the sensitive nature of the information, the results will not appear on a webpage available to the public. Thank you to the EDS Security Committee for designing this questionnaire. 
Innovative Ideas To Help
Process Financial Aid

How do you determine a family's ability to pay when their expenditures outstrip their documented income? What questions are other schools asking that help them figure out how the family "is putting food on the table"? Once you have all the information, how can your committee fairly and objectively determine how much the family should be paying?

Tuition Assistance is one of the most challenging, time-consuming and arguably the most maligned aspect of an Executive Director's responsibilities. The EDS Financial Aid Committee wants to make it easier by sharing your colleague's innovative ideas.

Please share your Financial Aid application with us by hitting reply to this email and attaching it . If you use FACTS, SSS, TADS, or YeshivaAid, please share with us any supplemental questions or materials that you request. We will follow up with schools about any unique questions on their application.

The committee will create a report that you can (if you wish) share with your Tuition Assistance Committee.

If you are interested in joining this committee, please reply to this email as well.

The EDS National Board

Richie Hagler, Chair
Stuart Gasner 
Ari Ginian
Rachel Goldman
Racheli Hackel
Shimmie Kaminetsky
Erik Kessler
Yehuda Kohn
Dovid Kramer
Debra May
Jeff Rothman
Ariel Schochet
Dov Shandalov
Joe Sharp
Lev Stark