Administrator Mark Green announced USAID will commit an additional $62 million to address the COVID-19 pandemic. The Agency had already committed $37 million to help developing countries affected by, or at high-risk for, the pandemic. This funding covers heightened risk-communications and engagement with local communities; prevention and control of infection in health facilities; increasing laboratory, disease-surveillance, and rapid-response capacity; case management; screening at points of entry; and global and regional coordination.
Green Announces Departure
Administrator Green announced he will be leaving USAID next month to return to the private sector. Sec. Pompeo praised Green's tenure at the Agency. President Trump announced his intent to designate Assistant Administrator for Latin America and the Caribbean John Barsa as acting administrator after Green's departure.
News & Events
USAID announced new aid to control locusts in East Africa and support Syrians caught up in that country’s ongoing crisis. And we celebrated International Women’s Day this month, highlighting our work to empower women and girls.
Digital Feature
Selma was empowered to vote in Tunisia's first free municipal elections after she met Awatef, a civic education ambassador trained by USAID. Nearly 70 percent of women reached by civic ambassadors reported that they voted in the 2018 elections.
Collaborating with USAID
Hot off the press! USAID’s Office of Acquisition and Assistance recently released its 2019 Progress Report. It includes helpful information for prospective implementing partners interested in working with USAID regarding past acquisition and assistance awards.
Did You Know?
USAID has invested over $1.1 billion since 2009 to prevent, detect, and respond to endemic and emerging health threats, including diseases like COVID-19.
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