Volume 23, Issue 7
August 2021
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A Message from Your President

I am very honored to serve as your President this year. As a long-term member of FSA, it is great to see how the Association has grown and adapted to new challenges. FSA is an incredible organization because of what each of you bring to it; your knowledge, experience, enthusiasm, and a commitment to make our communities and our state a better place.

As your President, I would like to focus on several goals this year:

- Supporting the Leadership Committee in identifying and engaging future volunteer leaders,
- Keeping members engaged and informed through a variety of communication platforms,
- Planning and providing education that is at the leading edge of stormwater issues,
- Returning to in-person conferences as soon as Covid issues abate,
- Increasing membership with a focus on diversity,
- Updating our strategic plan and,
- Protecting our interests through effective legislative and agency relations.

Upcoming issues of the FSA fastTracks newsletter will include updates from your Committee Chairs that will lay out their committee’s objectives and planned activities. We are lucky as an association to have great involvement across all the committees. I believe this is reflective of the commitment of our membership and the efforts of the Leadership Committee and our management staff in encouraging active participation. To all committee members, each of you contributes to the Association’s success. Please help your Committee Chairs deliver on the Action Plan this year. We truly appreciate your involvement and willingness to serve.

I hope to “see” you at the Fall Seminar and Winter Conference this year as well as the Annual Conference in Sanibel next June. Also, if you have not experienced FSA’s exemplary training programs, please consider sending your employees to the Training Center classes or consider hosting a class at your facility. To our program regulars, thank you for your commitment to continuous improvement and employee engagement.

As stormwater management in Florida continues to evolve, we are fortunate to have all of you to help inform and guide us. We will continue to host seminars and conferences that encourage innovation and solution-oriented conversations and provide vendors who can showcase their emerging products and technologies. Above all, FSA is a team - the Board, the management staff, and you! Thank you for being a member of FSA and for your commitment to this amazing organization.

Elliot Shoberg, City of Clearwater
FSA President
NOW ONLINE! Fall Seminar – September 17, 2021 
“Addressing the Resiliency Challenge”

Resilience is not just a water quantity or quality issue; it is the scientific and societal challenge of our time. This full-day online seminar will provide an overview of climate change, outline the scope of the journey to resilience, discuss funding solutions, review action plans, and highlight lessons learned. Join us online as we explore this complex, time consuming, expensive, interdisciplinary, and political issue from a statewide perspective, with a special emphasis on issues relevant to stormwater professionals. The online Seminar will feature a full day of education, up to 5 continuing education credits, live Q&A, prizes, and more! Visit the FSA Seminar webpage for details, including the agenda and a link to register online.
FSA Membership Renewals Have Begun!

Keep your membership current and don’t miss any of the great member services that are available to ALL of the employees in your organization! First renewal notices for FSA’s 2021-22 fiscal year were sent in mid-August by mail and email to the primary contact for your organization. These early notices were sent to allow local government members to pay next year’s dues with remaining funds from the current fiscal year. If you are the primary contact for your organization, keep an eye on your inbox for renewal emails from FSA. Questions? Call us at (888) 221-3124.
WOTUS Update

Since being named to their new posts, the leadership at EPA and the Army Corps of Engineers have expressed their intention to revise the definition of Waters of the United States or “WOTUS.” That goal has now moved into a more active phase with the agencies announcing the beginning of two rulemaking efforts: First, a “foundational” rule will be undertaken which is intended to restore longstanding protections. Thereafter, a second rule will build on that regulatory foundation.

The agencies held a series of initial public webinar meetings in August to hear from interested stakeholders on their perspectives on defining jurisdictional waterbodies. Another meeting has been scheduled for September 2nd. FSA is closely monitoring this process and will keep you informed. Comments can be provided during the public meetings or in writing at Regulations.gov, be sure to reference Docket ID No. EPA-HQ-OW-2021-0328. The comment period closes on September 3, 2021.
Assessing Needs for Stormwater Systems

A late amendment added to HB 53 in the 2021 Session requires local governments with wastewater or stormwater management systems to create a 20-year needs analysis, including a description of the system, the number of future residents served, revenues and expenditures, maintenance costs, etc. The compiled information will be filed with FDEP and the Office of Economic and Demographic Research (EDR). The first analysis is due on June 20, 2022, and every five years thereafter. EDR is close to finalizing the survey instrument that will be used to gather information and plans to release additional details over the next two months. A workshop on implementing HB 53 is scheduled for FSA’s Winter Conference in early December. Contact EDR with comments or questions.
Statewide Stormwater Design Criteria TAC

The Statewide Stormwater Design Criteria TAC was formed to assist FDEP and the Water Management Districts in updating the state’s design criteria for the construction of stormwater systems, as directed by Senate Bill 712 which passed during the 2020 Legislative Session. The 10th meeting of the TAC was held on August 11, 2021. FSA was a strong supporter of the formation of the TAC and is closely monitoring its progress. For up to date information, visit FSA’s Advocacy page. There are two remaining meetings of the TAC with the next TAC meeting scheduled for September 14, 2021.
Long Ago and Far Away

Daryll Joyner is retiring after 38 years of service protecting Florida’s water quality. He began working for the Department of Environmental Regulation while in graduate school and worked his way up to Administrator of the Water Quality Standards Program at FDEP. The consummate professional, Daryll had an encyclopedic knowledge of water quality programs and issues and was always courteous to work with.  We will miss you Daryll, best wishes from FSA!!!
Legislative Committee Meetings Start Soon

During non-election years, Legislative Committee meetings and the subsequent Session start early. For the 2022 Legislative Session, Interim Committee meetings will begin the week of September 20, 2021, and the Session itself convenes on January 11, 2022. Watch FSA’s legislative webpage for 2022 legislation tracking coming soon!
Valenstein Accepts FGCU Position

Noah Valenstein has accepted a fellowship at Florida Gulf Coast University’s Water School, focusing on water quality and government policy. Valenstein was first appointed Secretary of FDEP by Governor Scott in 2017 and reappointed by Governor DeSantis in 2019. Prior to heading FDEP, he was Executive Director of the Suwannee River Water Management District.
Blue Green Algae Task Force

The August meeting of the Blue Green Algae Task force focused on stormwater problems and solutions, including an update on the work of the Statewide Stormwater TAC. There were a number of good presentations, questions, and discussion. Written comments on the stormwater topic will be accepted at BlueGreenAlgaeTaskForce@FloridaDEP.gov through September 6, 2021.
Winter Conference – Registration Opening Soon!

Save the Date for FSA’s 2021 Winter Conference on December 1-3, 2021. The program will feature a great balance of technical sessions, case studies and policy updates. Join us as we bring together stormwater professionals throughout Florida to explore topics that matter to you most. Registration opens in September!
Free Stormwater Job Postings

FSA's Career Center is the perfect place to post vacancies or search for jobs! FSA members can post on the Career Center for free for 30 days and reach qualified stormwater professionals across the state of Florida. In addition, job seekers can easily search for new jobs in their area. Visit the Career Center to post a job announcement or to search for open positions, all services are free to FSA members!
Fogarty Training Center – Stormwater Education From Your Desktop!

FSA’s Fogarty Training Center holds both Level 1 and Level 2 Certified Stormwater Operator classes that meet the requirements of your MS4 permit for initial or “refresher” training of stormwater staff in:
  • Erosion and Sedimentation Control
  • Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination
  • Spill Prevention and Remediation
  • Good Housekeeping Practices  
  • High Risk Facilities

FSA is continuing to host online classes while adding in-person options as requested. Registration is now open for the following classes:

Level 1 Classes designed for stormwater management field personnel 

Level 2 Classes designed for stormwater management field supervisors

Don’t see a class when or where you want it? Contact FSA today!
2021 is Flying By - Don’t Let Your Certification Expire!

The last opportunity in 2021 to renew your Stormwater Operator Certification for Level 1 and Level 2 is November 9, 2021. FSA Stormwater Operator Certifications must be renewed every five years. The Fogarty Training Center offers online Recertification classes that provide a convenient, cost-effective way to renew your certification.

Don't know when your certification expires? To find out you can view the Stormwater Operator Certification Renewal Date List. Visit the Fogarty Training Center's recertification webpage for all of the details.
Establishing Stormwater Utilities in Florida

Communities looking to supplement or fund their stormwater management program are encouraged to order FSA's Manual for Establishing a Stormwater Utility in Florida. It was prepared to assist communities that are considering developing and implementing a stormwater utility. The Manual has helped citizens, elected officials, and city or county administrators and staff understand the issues, benefits and community investment associated with stormwater utilities. The Manual was originally published in 1998 and was revised in 2003 and 2013. Order your copy today!
We appreciate your feedback! Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about FSA. 


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