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April 2011
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Did you know that we provide a webform free of charge. Go to CMS > Webform, customise the form and save it. Then copy the code provided and paste it onto your webpage. This will give your website visitors the option of opting in their mobile number to your database.  


Did you know that with our Silver and Gold account you get to view full campaign statistics. Statistics such as total delivered, total failed and total opt-out.


Did you know that we also have online video tutorials that you can view at any time. Simply log in and select the video that you wish to view from the list on the right hand side.


Did you know that you can also set low funds alerts. When your account reaches the amount that you enter, you will either receive an email or SMS text.

Mobile Marketing - Examples
The Chicago Bulls gives their fans the ability to text in to a short code to receive real-time game updates, scores and players statistics.
ViQuest Wellness Center ran television spots with the call to action to increase gym memberships. "Text VIQUEST to 74642 to receive free registration and a free after hours pass if you register before Jan. 31."
Food & Beverage
Red Bull is running an on-package call-to-action to drive adoption of a branded mobile game designed to increase consumer engagement and influence purchase intent through augmented reality.
MillerCoors' Miller Lite is using mobile bar codes to entice South By Southwest attendees to enter its Beer for the People sweepstakes.
The Calterdon BMW dealership in Inverness, Scotland, implemented SMS to communicate with its customers and has since seen significant cost-savings through eliminating missed service appointments.
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Vince Doherty
Adikat Mobile Marketing