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August 2010
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Send Text from your Website

Would you like to send texts from your website. Use our API and send texts directly from you website. Get notified when someone has registered or when an order has come in. See our API page
If you are interested, no need to create another account, just email me and I will send you the APi username and password.
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How To...
Receiving Replies. Did you know that you can receive replies to your messages that you send out. This is useful if you want to run a competition, poll or just need to find out how many people will be coming to the event.
To receive replies you must send a two-way message, Step 2 when composing a message. Replies can be viewed in your inbox. You can see who it was from, when it arrived and the message sent. You can also reply or forward the message from your inbox.

How to use:
for example, you could send out a message like this "Reply DOUBLES to receive two shots for the price of 1 this Friday." When you receive the 'DOUBLES' text via the inbox then reply with a code that they must show on Friday to take advantage of the special offer. This will increase your sales and footfall.
Case Studies
For healthcare providers, "no shows" mean lost revenue. Direct mail or phone reminders can be costly and time consuming. Doctors are now using SMS to remind patients of their upcoming appointments. A two-way text service allows patients to either confirm or cancel. Doctors are also sending texts to parents reminding them of upcoming inoculations for their kids.

A small supermarket chain spent thousands of dollars each month in newspaper advertising and was looking for a way to reduce that expense without losing sales. They launched a text campaign that sent customers exclusive
weekly grocery specials. The program was promoted in print ads and in all four of their locations. Within weeks the chain had 2,500 customers in their database.
The response rate reached 21% in 10 weeks. Within six months, they had reduced their newspaper ad budget by 40% and saved a total of $5,800 per month in advertising costs.
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Vince Doherty
Adikat Mobile Marketing