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December 2010
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That we also provide Short Codes. Short code marketing can be used to drive sales instantly through promotions and special offers.
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We are excited to announce that we just added a new feature, personalisation. Yes, that's right, along with all the other great features on our SMS platform, you can now also personalise your SMS text messages.

How to:
  • First you need to add the fields to your contacts that you want to insert by going to Contacts > Contact Settings.
    e.g. FirstName, LastName
  • Then add the values for each of the fields to your contacts by going to Contacts > Contacts.
    e.g. John Doe
  • Now write out your message. From the 'Personalise' dropdown menu select the fields to insert.
  • When you send the platform will automatically merge the values with the appropriate inserts.

Case Studies
Starbucks found a new way to drive sales to their coffee shops, by launching a contest that required subscribers to answer trivia questions about specific topics. Those that got the right answers won a chance to participate in an exclusive game with a grand prize.

Court TV offered a similar contest as did the Canadian mobile phone network, TELUS.

This method of reaching out to their prospective customers is called response advertising.

The inducement was an immediate free give away, such as a ringtone or free cup of coffee, in return for permission to add the prospective customer to their mobile marketing list.
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Vince Doherty
Adikat Mobile Marketing