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February 2011
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That we also provide Short Codes. Short code marketing can be used to drive sales instantly through promotions and special offers.

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That you can send a text message to one of your groups using your own mobile phone. No PC needed, No Internet needed.

You just need to authorise your mobile phone and set an alias for your group. Then you can send a text to each person in the group by starting your text with 'GT' followed by the group alias name and then the message you want the contacts to receive. Send the text to 087-940-0409. Normal texting rates apply. 


For example, on your phone you type the following message: "GT sales Meeting tomorrow at 8am in head office."
In this example every member of your Contact Group 'sales', will receive the message: "Meeting tomorrow at 8am in head office."


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Principles of Mobile Marketing
Principles of a mobile marketing strategy
What Message? the message can be informative, entertaining, promotional or subscription. Whatever it is, it should be relevant and compelling

When & How Often? this depends on your industry and how timely the information needs to get to your cusotmers. I normally tell my clients that once per week is more than enough.

What Action? What is the objective of the message? is it sales leads? newsletter signup? branding? or to retain your customer base.

Measure How/What? It's vital that you measure the success of a campaign. Hint: when sending text messages put a unique code at the bottom, then track that code on purchases

Customers Who/Where? You need to understand who your customers are and more importantly where they are.
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Vince Doherty
Adikat Mobile Marketing