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June 2011
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That you can send text messages through your own website. Imagine, sending registration number or other details directly to a consumer's mobile phone after they purchased something.


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Mobile Surveys 


We offically launched our Mobile Survey software two weeks ago. The press release went out and we were interviewed by Dublin City FM. You can see our press release here: Mobile Marketing Survey Software


This software gives the ability to run surveys through mobile phones. Questions are created on our online system, then the first question is texted to the focus group. The focus group simply replies to the question and automatically receives the next question in the campaign. Reports can be run at any time and will show graphs, percentages, responses etc... 


Mobile Survey Reports 



Efficiency - Quick, Efficient Opinion Polls & Surveys


More Responses - participants reply to the questions for free.


Save Money, Save the Planet - Save on printing and postage expenses


Accurate Results - You won't need to manually input the responses, so you'll cut out human error.


Instant Texts - Shorter response times from participants.


Quick Data Collection - You'll receive the answers instantly, no waiting for the mail.


Call us to discuss your survey needs: 01 443 4262

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Vince Doherty
Adikat Mobile Marketing