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March 2011
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That you can add multiple fields for your contacts. You can store more than just a mobile number for each contact.


For example you could add FirstName, LastName, MemberId. Then when you add in your contacts you will have more options to add values.

Step 1. Go to CMS > Contact Settings, Select 'Create New Field' add the additional fields.
Step 2. Then go to CMS > Contacts, Select 'Create New Contacts' you will now have the additional fields for the contact. Should you need to upload a database of contacts those additional fields will also be available to you.  

Personalising a text message will vastly increase your sales revenue.  


A great way of using this is for sending out personalised texts. The fields that you added in Step 1. above will be available to you in the Message Compose section. In Step 3 of Compose you will see a dropdown menu for Personalise, select it and choose which field you would like to merge into the message.


For example, you could remind all your contacts of their Memberid. In Step 1. above add a field called Memberid. Then in Step 2. add the memberid to each contact. When composing your message select the Memberid from the dropdown menu.

Mobile Marketing - Demographics
There are three main marketing categories. Which one is your target market?
  • Baby Boomers (born 1940s - 60s) - these are the older online market. They use mobile phones and send texts.
  • Generation X (born 1960s - 80s) - this generation are tech-savvy but they remember life before the mobile phone. However, they are more connected than the senior counterparts.
  • Generation Y (born 1980+) - don't really recall life before mobile phones or the web. They are more in tune with mobile marketing due to increased connectivity.
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