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May 2011
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Building a Subscription List


So, how do you build up a permission based database of consumers to market to?


We can help you with that. There are a few ways for examples, using Short code competitions, Web forms, offline/online competitions, current customers, Facebook.


  1. Using a short code is ideal for building up a subscription list. Once you have your short code setup and approved then advertise it on your printed materials such as printed ads, in-store leaflets, outdoor advertising, receipts, table-top material etc... Something as simple as "Text COMPANYNAME to 51444 to join our loyalty club" would work.
  2. We provide a webform for you to use free of charge. Once you log in go to CMS > Webform. Customise the form and put the script on your webpage. Consumers can then opt-in to your program.
  3. Online competitions from you website can also be used to build up a list pretty quickly. Set up a form on your website enticing people to put in their name and mobile number in order to win something. Then once per month choose one of the signups to give the prize to. Don't forget to advertise the winners on your website.
  4. Offline competitions work the same way except the customers need to fill in a paper form. 
  5. Putting a form on your facebook page to request people to sign up for special offers is another way of reaching out to a large audience.

If you don't currently have a database list, don't panic, now is a good time to start. The important thing is to give an incentive for people to join.



Mobile Marketing - Examples
Legends in Concert added a short code action to their roadside billboards. The strategy was to use unique keywords on each billboard to measure location effectiveness and place a coupon code within outgoing text messages to measure overall conversion.

The objective was to measure the effectiveness of billboard advertising by using an SMS call to action to measure conversion. Also, the objective was to build an SMS subscriber database for Legends In Concert to provide offers and fan deals for future events.


The conversion rate was measured for the campaign by using a unique coupon code within each text message. The combined 5 billboards provided an average 16 percent conversion rate of all subscribers, resulting in roughly a 1,200 percent return on investment.

Mobil1 Lube Express used SMS Text reminders to increase footfall. The objective was to study and measure the effectiveness of SMS oil change reminders compared to direct mail pieces and email reminders.
Mobil1 Lube Express handed out cards to their customers explaining how to opt-in by texting a vehicle's license plate number to their short code
Thirty-two percent of customers who came in for service opted-in to receive future oil change reminders by text message.
Text messaging response rates outperformed mailed reminders by 15 percent and email reminder response rates by 8 percent.
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Vince Doherty
Adikat Mobile Marketing