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September 2010
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That we also provide short codes. Short Codes are shorter version of a mobile phone number, makes it easier to remember. Short code marketing can be used to drive sales instantly through promotions and special offers.

i.e. Freetext Dees to 50015

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...have text come from your company name. Normally when you send a text from our system the text will come from an Irish mobile number. However, you can have it come from your company name instead.
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When composing a message in Step 2, select '1 way Message' then enter your company name in the field provided. Please note, that this is a 1 way message meaning, recipients cannot reply back. You will need to add this to the end of your message: "optout to 50015"
This will give the recipient the option to opt-out by texting optout to 50015.
Case Studies
Super Stop USA is a full-service gas station, car wash and detail center located near St. Paul, Minn. The station goes beyond the customer service call using text messaging: alerting customers when gas prices are scheduled to go up. To sign up, customers simply text GAS to 25827.

When the time-sensitive alerts go out, the station sees a rush at the pumps for the lower price, with an average 20% response rate each time.
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Vince Doherty
Adikat Mobile Marketing