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May 2012 

In This Issue:
- Boston Reunion
- Blue/White Update
- Upcoming Events  
- Alumni Spotlight: Colin Dentino 

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Upcoming Events   
Fri - Mon, August 17-20. Adirondack Camp. 
SAVE THE DATE: 108th reunion! 
There will be fun, there will be games, there will be great events for family and friends to take part in over the weekend! Camp will be sending more information and we will be keeping you up to date as well.

Match It! 

Recently we've had a couple donors who have gotten their employers to match their donation to us and we thought we'd remind you of this excellent option. It's a great way to make even more of an impact!

Check with your employer to see if they offer this option and feel free to email us with any questions.

Thank you for all your support! 

Adirondack Camp

Scholarship Board of Directors:

Shawn Carraher, alumna ('76-'84)

Blue Team


Mitch Mitchell, alumnus ('74-'85)

Blue Team


Meghan Quinn, alumna ('98 -'09)

Blue Team


Will Warrick, alumnus ('86-'89)

Blue Team


Stephanie Brown Porterfield  

parent of three alumni ('74-'01)

Parent of a Blue Team member and two White Team members 


Gemma Badini, alumna ('93-'04)

Blue Team


Peter Badini, alumnus ('58-'66, '81-'83)

Blue Team


Abi Rankin Fitzgerald, alumna ('92-'98, '01, '11)

White Team


To contact the Board directly please email us at acsf1904@gmail.com 

Boston Reunion 

Thank you to those of you who were able to make it this past Saturday! We had a great time meeting up at Dillon's in Boston. We saw friends from all over the state and as far away as Canada!  


 Keep an eye out for a reunion near your home town. (We've got something in the works for the West Coast!)  Hope to see you all in August at the 108th Reunion!  


Blue White Fundraising Challenge 
Goal: $110,000
Total Raised to Date: $11,132
We've reached the 10% mark! Let's keep this up!  
Current Standing
White: $6,043
Blue: $
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Alumni Spotlight

Colin Dentino 

(Camper and Staff: 1985-1990, 1998-2001) 


There are a few organizations I'm a part of because they hit close to home for me. The Adirondack Camp Scholarship Fund allows underprivileged kids to enjoy the same incredible camp experiences as the wealthy. 
I was one of those "poor" kids and it opened up the world to me. My parents were both counselors in the 1980s and 90s. They were invited by my dad's tennis coach of all people, Roger Langley.
With my dad, the Nature Guy, and my mom, the Arts and Crafts Lady, I was able to attend other classes while they worked. We stayed in the Nature Hut which is now the Office across from the basketball courts. 
I remember dousing my sister with a bucket of water to wake her up (I didn't realize we were just joking mom), sweating bullets before asking the hottest girl in camp to dance (thank you for saying yes), and screaming until I could only whisper the next day in Blue and White events (How Blue!).
The thing I don't remember is being judged because my family made 5% of what my friend's families made. I don't remember being put down for being from a town that was the population of some of these kid's blocks. I don't remember feeling different or left out because of who I was. 
I don't remember those things because they never happened.
The people I met were the sons and daughters of the owner of Spaulding, a Kennedy, and Harvard professors - but - they treated me like a member of the family. It was Adirondack Camp that taught me that I worth just as much as anyone else and that my life wasn't determined by where I came from.

I may still not be worth a million-plus dollars (yet), but the friends I made increased my self-worth. I know a former VP of Google; I've learned how to fence; I've learned that money doesn't make the person and that the friendships made at Adirondack Camp are still some of the strongest friendships I have today.
So, we all have a little extra to spend (even me) on going out to dinner or growing interest in a bank somewhere. 
Give a child friendships and experiences, some they will have for the rest of their life. Give them the confidence they need to become better versions of themselves so they can attain what so many already have.

Colin Dentino

(Congratulations to Colin and his wife, Maria, who just found out they will be welcoming a baby boy this fall! How Brave!)


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