Hello, and I hope your summer is off to a beautiful start!  I hope you are planning to enjoy a summer filled with R&R, time with friends and family, and the delicious sights and sounds of summer.  Summer is a great time to take a breather and a step back, find time to discover a new hobby, reconnect with your partner, or check out the singles scene if you're searching for a relationship.  My office is here for you if you need help brainstorming ideas or want a tune-up in relaxation skills!
In the News
"Was the Orlando shooting an act of terrorism, or a hate crime against the LGBTQ community?  I joined Nancy Grace to say the answer is both!" To learn more about how to handle feelings about terrorism, try drchloe.com/terrorism.

Harambe Shooting
"When we experience a traumatic life event, how should we cope?  I addressed this question vis a vis the young boy for whom Harambe was killed to save his life at the Cincinnati Zoo. My answer? We need to acknowledge and honor the feelings, but absolutely refuse to let them define us!"

... Stay tuned!
Stay Tuned! - Next month, Dr. Chloe will be featured in the New York Post providing tips on how to manage anxiety from an overwhelming email inbox.
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New! Support Group!
This will be a general support group for any client who would like to practice giving or receiving support, or who just wants to experience extra support.  It will take place on a weekday evening at 6:30pm nearby Dr. Chloe's clinical office on 230 Park Avenue.  Clients who have seen Dr. Chloe and/or one of her associate therapists are welcome to inquire.  The group will include opportunities to: NewSupportGroups
  • Connect with others who have also made good use of Dr. Chloe's practice
  • Practice healthy communication with others
  • Practice being open/intimate
  • Alleviate feelings of loneliness or isolation
  • See that you're not "the only one" who has problems with relationships and/or career anxiety
  • Check in on personal/therapy goals
  • Get social feedback from peers in a therapeutic environment
  • Practice giving and receiving support from others in a therapeutic environment
To request more information about the group, click here.
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