Dear Parent(s),
Garces Administration met last week, with a committee from the Diocese, to address an update to our grading policy. We considered the long-term effects and repercussions of any change to our current grading system. We decided to continue with the current grading scale with some adjustments, which are outlined below.
The updated grading policy continues to validate the effort of our students who have continued to strive for academic excellence during this time of “virtual learning.” It also maintains the high academic standards that parents, students and staff expect.
This new grading policy is as follows:
  • The midterm, second semester grades will be used for student’s final semester grades. If you are unsure of your student's midterm grade, please contact their counselor. For counselor contact information, click here.
  • Only assignments and grades that IMPROVE a student’s grade point average, beyond that of the midterm, second semester grades, will be calculated into the final grade for the second semester, 2019-2020.
  • Students will be expected to continue a strong work ethic and complete all work assigned and follow the school’s attendance policy throughout the remainder of this school year. To review the attendance policy, click here. Failure to follow through with class work and attend class may result in a change to the second semester midterm grade.
  • Final exams are OPTIONAL. Students 9th through 11th grade who wish to take a final exam to improve their midterm grade, must request to take the exam by May 15th. Seniors who wish to take their final exam, must request the exam by May 1st. The exam will be given on the posted date for final exams and is not guaranteed to improve the student’s final grade. 
  • The grading scale for second semester 2020 will remain unchanged with the exception of the following: F = NG ( no grade, with no credit, not factored into the semester GPA)
  • Seniors who receive a NG will need to remediate the NG during the summer of 2020 and post a grade by August 1st, 2020, to earn their diploma. We are allowing this exception for the class of 2020 ONLY. All other students will be required to remediate the NG prior to graduating from Garces.

In addition, we all have concerns regarding the way colleges and universities will review our students’ transcripts. To address this concern, we will incorporate our grading policy and the fact that we continued to provide ongoing instruction during the COVID-19 crisis, in our school profile. The school transcript, for the second semester of 2019-2020 school year will have a COVID-19 notation so that individuals reviewing and evaluating the transcript will see the specification. Our superintendent will also prepare a letter indicating the teaching expectations, academic rigor, grading expectations and virtual learning that was required of our Garces students during the COVID-19, second semester, 2020. We will continue to be flexible and compassionate as we strive to meet the needs of our students, along with the changing demands of this world crisis.

Lastly, please watch for an email tomorrow outlining what we are doing to celebrate our seniors as their time at Garces Memorial nears the end.

We are so proud of how hard our students and teacher continue to work. Thank you to our parents for your continued patience and support as we navigate through these ever-changing times.