Update from Kelli Scott for Thursday, May 2
From the Board of Commissioners

Vice-Chair Kathy-Sue Vette led the May 2 Board meeting in the absence of Chair Steve Frisbie.

One item of new business that was approved at the Board of Commissioners meeting is an amendment to the PACE Program Report. Local, private entities can take advantage of the "Property Assessed Clean Energy" (PACE) program, which allows energy projects to be financed and repayments secured with a special tax assessment on the property. 

The County began this program in 2015, and this amendment simply updates certain terms of the program, administered by Lean and Green Michigan . Our first project is expected to be with the Battle Creek YMCA, which is seeking to update its facilities in an energy-positive way. We are glad to encourage opportunities like this that promote sustainable economic development.

In other new business, the Board:

  • Approved 2019 summer and winter property tax resolutions, with no change to the county’s millage rates again this year
  • Approved Senior Millage supplemental funding for Community Action’s minor home repair program
  • Approved the 2018 Homeland Security Grant Program Funding agreement
  • Approved Sheriff's Office Risk Avoidance Grants through MMRMA, our risk management authority and property/liability insurance carrier
  • Approved a mowing and property services award, which will be used by the Treasurer's Office for foreclosed properties
  • Approved this year’s administrative service agreement with the Native American Heritage Fund Board

A number of board approvals related to the Calhoun County Road Department, including,

  • Approved the replacement of the Halbert Road culvert
  • Approved the first batch of local road improvement agreements for 2019, with Albion and Convis Townships
  • Awarded a bid for the 2019/2020 biennial bridge inspection program
  • Approved an authorized staffing allocation change to add three road workers

Road Department Update

Although many road construction projects officially begin in early June, crews have begun work on 16 Mile Rd in Convis Township this week. Weather permitting, work will continue on the 21 Mile Rd Bridge project. The engineering team is also completing annual traffic counts in the Battle Creek area and submitted applications for MDOT's Local Bridge Program. If projects are selected, they will be funded in 2022. Also, T Drive S/1 Mile Rd construction projects are currently out for bid.
In operations, the Calhoun County Road Department is patching potholes countywide, mowing in Leroy and Sheridan Townships, replacing culverts in various locations, and managing tree removal/cleanup. There are 14 contract ed patch ing crews starting this week and will begin patching potholes in Clarence Township. A contractor is also crack-sealing in Bedford Township.
Volunteering in the community | Staff and committee members from the Veteran Affairs Office volunteered with Habitat For Humanity on Saturday, April 20. The team helped build a ramp for a disabled veteran who recently had a stroke. The project was organized by Habitat For Humanity and funded by the County's Veteran Affairs Office.
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