Update from Administrator/Controller Kelli Scott
Thursday, Nov. 7, 2019
The County will be closed Monday, Nov. 11 for Veterans Day
Veterans Day takes place Monday, Nov. 11 this year, and county buildings will be closed in observance. Thank you to all veterans who have served. If you have a spare moment, visit this story map created by the Calhoun County GIS Department that explores a memorial path at Fort Custer National Cemetery.
A parks millage will go to a vote in 2020

The Board of Commissioners approved on Nov. 7 language for a new countywide parks millage ballot initiative in 2020. More information will be released in the near future about what this millage would mean for Calhoun County residents, but please take a moment to read the language as passed by the Board on the Nov. 7 agenda .
This initiative was led by the Calhoun County Parks and Recreation Commission, which formalized their recommendation in October. With the Board of Commissioners approval tonight, residents will vote on the millage in 2020.
Here are a couple highlights from other boards and committees:

The Summit Pointe Board met on Tuesday, Nov. 5. County Commissioner Kathy-Sue Vette is the board chair and I serve as Treasurer. The Board heard management presentations on compliance and state reporting measures. Action items included approval of CEO goals, affirmation of four board policies, a bid award to a vendor for new payroll/HR software and a contract with Rehmann Robson to provide certain financial consulting services in 2020. Finally, we received good news that Summit Pointe has made its final payment to the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) for our settlement resulting from a fiscal audit covering 2007 through 2014.

The Marshall Community Credit Union Board of Directors met Monday, Oct. 21. There were two presentations, including an annual report from McQueen Financial and a discussion of personnel committee topics with The Sheeter Group.

There were a number of internal events in the last few weeks:

County supervisors from across the county participated in a training put together by Human Resources, called Positive Culture in the Workplace . It was a refreshing and upbeat session during which consultant Kathy Snyder explained the importance of a culture of wellbeing and how to have positive experiences at home and at work.  We learned how to have a growth mindset, manage our own energy, practice mindfulness, and have a positive outlook in general.
On Friday, Nov. 1, I participated in an active shooter training at the Calhoun County Building in Marshall conducted by officials within Sheriff Saxton’s Office, including Detective Steve Hinkley and Emergency Management Services manager Durk Dunham. At this training, we received very helpful tips on how to keep ourselves safe in such an event, and then practiced during a building-wide drill. I’m so proud of what the County’s been able to accomplish in implementing security enhancements including a text messaging alert system, ballistic film and door barricades, just to name a few. We’re told we have many of the best security tools that exist. Kudos to our Risk Management Committee and Assistant County Administrator Brad Wilcox for countless hours spent on focusing on our safety!
At a Union Leadership Roundtable Meeting on Monday, Nov. 4, we discussed the upcoming benefits open enrollment period, our defined benefit pension plan, as well as the status of the 2020 budget. The budget is nearly finalized, for which a public hearing will be held at the next Board of Commissioners meeting on Thursday, Nov. 21.
Today, Nov. 7, there was an employee health fair , at which flu shots were offered free of charge for all employees and dependents. The health fair is a great opportunity for employees to meet with providers and vendors and mingle with other employees while we learn about the great wellness and medical benefits that the County offers.

Also, this afternoon , Nov. 7, Judge Jaconette convened the 15th graduation ceremony of the Mental Health Treatment Court .  Individuals in the Mental Health Treatment Court program work very hard to better themselves in order to lead a healthy productive lifestyle outside of the Criminal Justice System.  Graduation is an accomplishment that is widely celebrated by our Team and by the community.  I attended along with Commissioner Derek King, and we appreciated the invitation to see the difference these specialty court programs make in the lives of Calhoun County residents. 
Calhoun County Board of Commissioners
From Communications: At this Board of Commissioners Meeting, the Board approved as part of the consent agenda an official version of the county seal. Currently, numerous versions of Calhoun County's official seal are used in countywide communications. Moving forward, we will have one "official" version. Departments do not need to replace any materials, as ultimately the seal hasn't changed, but this version should be used moving forward. Please contact Lucy Blair for official files. 
Update from the Road Department
  • AThe D Drive N culvert construction is ongoing
  • The project at 1 Mile Rd and T Drive S is nearly finished
  • Tree cutting for next year's Partello Road project is almost complete

  • Fleet maintenance continues to prepare for the upcoming snow season
  • Primary road bridge maintenance work continues
  • Shoulder maintenance is complete countywide
  • Gravel maintenance is taking place in Athens, Clarendon, and Homer Townships
  • Guardrail repair is taking place in multiple locations
  • Drainage work took place in Bedford, Fredonia, and Newton Townships
  • Boom mowers are working in Bedford, Burlington, and Marengo Townships
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