Update from Administrator/Controller Kelli Scott
Thursday, Oct. 17, 2019
The 2020 budget process is at its peak.
Two budget committee meetings, one with Board of Commissioners and another with internal leadership, took place since the last Board of Commissioners Meeting. Based on budget submissions from departments, our General Fund shortfall is $1.7 million at this point.

Budget hearings, during which the Board of Commissioners Budget Committee meets with elected officials and the judiciary, took place today, Oct. 17. Budget discussions will continue until we can present a balanced budget for the Nov. 21 public hearing and for the Board’s adoption on Dec.5.
Here is what else is going on in Calhoun County:

On Monday, Sept. 23, the Calhoun County Planning Commission recommended for approval five township planning and zoning amendments that were submitted to the commission from Emmett, Pennfield, and Sheridan Townships. CISD Superintendent Terance Lunger currently chairs the Commission, and County Commissioner Gary Tompkins and I serve as county representatives.

The Summit Pointe Board met Tuesday, Oct. 1. Vice-chair Richard Lindsey conducted the meeting, where we heard a presentation about Summit Pointe’s Assertive Community Treatment program. We also adopted 2019-20 board goals and held a closed session to discuss CEO Jeannie Goodrich's performance evaluation.

Thursday, Oct. 3, the Marshall Community Credit Union held its strategic planning session with the Board of Directors at Schuler's Restaurant. The all-day meeting was facilitated by a consultant and was a focused way for the Board to give input to management about our vision and priorities for the future.

A Union Leadership Roundtable Meeting took place Monday, Oct. 7. HR/Labor Relations Director Kim Archambault provided updates for countywide union leadership on the 2020 benefits renewal, which will take place in the upcoming month, and on our CareHere health & wellness center.

Every month, the Calhoun County Visitors Bureau Board meets at a different location, hosted by a member of the Board. The Tuesday, Oct. 8 meeting was held at the County Building in Marshall, hosted by the County, as Commissioner Kathy-Sue Vette and I serve on the board as county appointees. At the meeting, Treasurer Brian Wensauer and Deputy Treasurer Melinda Weaver gave an overview of their role administering the countywide hotel accommodation tax. The board also discussed upcoming strategic planning, a recent sports economic impact study, and legislative updates relevant to the CCVB's work.

On Thursday, Oct. 10, the Executive Committee of the Michigan Municipal Services Authority held a regular meeting. At this meeting, we authorized the employment of a temporary CEO to manage the daily operations of the Authority.

The Marshall Area Economic Development Alliance (MAEDA) Board met Tuesday, Oct. 15. In addition to all the regular staff and committee reports, the board heard an update about the Calhoun County Fairgrounds and received new brand standards from Ryan Traver, owner of BluFish Consulting. 
Also, congratulations to our court administrators!
Three Calhoun County Court Administrators became Certified Court Managers through the National Center for State Courts, Institute for Court Management. To receive this certification, all three women completed 99 hours of court administration course work.

Congratulations to:
  • 37th Circuit Court/Probate Court Administrator Kris Getting
  • 10th District Court Administrator Kate Ambrose
  • Deputy Court Administrator Shannon Koepke
Calhoun County Board of Commissioners
Around the County
Update from the Road Department
  • Athens Township road projects at 1 Mile Rd and T Drive S (pictured above) are ongoing
  • The D Drive N culvert project is on hold while a utility conflict is resolved, and will likely resume soon
  • Primary and local paving is nearly complete
  • Safety grant tree removal projects will start the week of Oct. 21
  • Tree removal on Partello Road will begin the week of Oct. 21

  • Fleet maintenance is preparing equipment for the upcoming snow season
  • Primary road bridge maintenance work continues
  • The timber deck replacement on V Dr N just east of Old 27 over Indian Creek is completed; the road is open and a new guardrail will be installed soon
  • Shoulder maintenance is complete countywide
  • Gravel maintenance continues in Athens, Clarendon, and Homer Townships (pictured below)
  • The second round of state mowing is complete
  • Drainage work is complete in Bedford, Convis, Newton, and Lee Townships
  • Boom mowers are working in Bedford and Burlington Townships
Please note: The County Building in Marshall will close at noon, Friday, Nov. 1 for active shooter training.
Update from the Public Health Department
Regarding Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE)

The Calhoun County Public Health Department (CCPHD) staff coordinated EEE response efforts with State and Local partners. The EEE outbreak, that included one EEE-related death and several animal cases (as of today, October 16) within Calhoun County, was a rare occurrence. Due to the high mortality rate associated with humans infected with EEE, the need for action was quickly identified that included educating the community about prevention and working with State and local partners to reduce the EEE-virus carrying mosquito. 

In response to the outbreak, the state decided on spraying as a treatment option to reduce the mosquito population that included those mosquitoes carrying the EEE virus. Within Calhoun County, several high-risk areas that were sprayed included a portion of Battle Creek and Athens, Springfield, and Bedford Townships. For specific treatment areas, visit www.michigan.gov/eee . It should be noted that there were many residents who opted out of spraying which were plotted and built into the flight plans. By October 7, 2019, all four identified treatment zones in Calhoun County were treated.

Moving forward, the CCPHD plans to discuss EEE response efforts with staff and local and state partners to evaluate processes and coordinate next steps. The CCPHD currently has a mosquito/vector-borne surveillance program for Zika and West Nile Virus. The program was expanded this fall to include trapping and testing for EEE-virus carrying mosquitoes. 
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