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Experiencing Fall

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Above: Video of JR Worsley describing Fall

Welcome to the Worsley Institute Seasonal News Letter

In this issue:

  • Video: JR Worsley describing Fall
  • Ask Judy:
  • Worsley Community News: JR's 100th Birthday Celebration
  • The WiSESM Way: Knepp Castle Estate Rewilding Project
  • Upcoming Trainings and Events

Ask Judy:

Above: Judy teaching during a Consultation Day.

A Question for Judy Worsley

Q: Why was JR adamant that it was inappropriate to label people by an element?

A: JR said that the Causative Factor (CF) is the root cause of our imbalance, simply a facet of our existence. It is not our identity and does not define us. The CF is to be used in a clinical setting only, to diagnose, treat, and serve patients.

Typecasting people into one of five elements denies us the opportunity to truly know them: to be free and in the here and now with them.

For more information, please refer to the Causative Factor article on the WI website: Causative Factor – Worsley Institute Website

Do you have a question for Judy? Send it to [email protected]

Worsley Community News

Above: JR Worsley's 100th Birthday at the Randolph Hotel in Oxford, England

Left: Display of scrapbooks and photographs of JR's life

Right: JR's favorite dessert: The Vanilla Slice

Celebrating JR's 100th Birthday

On Sunday, September 17th, a group of Worsley Classical Five-Element practitioners and friends gathered in person, with an additional group of participants joining via Zoom, to commemorate and celebrate JR on what would have been his 100th birthday. The event was hosted at the Randolph Hotel in Oxford, England, a location of special significance, as it was where graduation ceremonies took place for many of JR's students.

The event commenced with a warm welcome and introduction from Judy Worsley and Worsley Institute President, David Berkshire. During the event, various individuals shared their personal tributes to JR and also read submissions from those of us who were unable to be present, conveying the enormous impact that JR has had on our lives.

Those who knew JR had the opportunity to share their most treasured memories with him. Those who did not know JR personally were able to deepen their connection to him through the stories and recollections of his friends and students and still share how his teachings have influenced them. The event concluded with a humble and heartfelt service featuring the Vanilla Slice, JR's favorite dessert.

The WiSESM Way: Knepp Castle Estate

Above: Judy and David on a safari at Knepp Castle Estate

Left: Longhorn cattle

Right: Tamworth pig

Knepp Castle Estate

While in England to support the UK Worsley Institute Training, Judy, along with David Berkshire, Julia Measures, and Tara Radsliff, shared an incredible visit to Knepp Castle Estate.

The Knepp Castle Estate Rewilding Project aims to transform a vast traditional agricultural estate into a self-regulating, biodiverse ecosystem. The project covers 3,500 acres. This rewilding effort involves introducing free-roaming herds of herbivores like red deer, fallow deer, Exmoor ponies, and longhorn cattle to mimic the ecological role of larger, extinct animals. They have also successfully reintroduced white storks, which had been absent from England for the past 600 years. 

Knepp also promotes natural processes such as tree regeneration, wetland formation, and scrubland development to enhance biodiversity. Notably, Knepp has witnessed a significant increase in biodiversity, with rare species of insects, birds, and plants returning to the area. Knepp provides incredible lessons in the Natural Order and what is possible when we trust Nature. 

Are you interested in visiting Knepp Castle Estate with WiSE? Email [email protected]

Upcoming Trainings and Events:

Above: A circle of students listening to Judy Worsley



November 11-12: Consultation Days, Portland, Oregon (Click Here)

November 14-15: Consultation Days, Seattle, Washington (Click Here)

November 17-18: Consultation Days, Vancouver, British Columbia (Click Here)

December 10: Consultation Day, London, England (Click Here)



February 22, 29 and March 7 2024: A Series of Conversations with Judy Worsley and Kevin Durjun, Live-Streamed (Click Here)

March 2024 - February 2025: Pacific NW Worsley Intensive Training (Click Here)

March 2024 - February 2025: UK Worsley Intensive Training (Click Here)

April 26-30: Open Seminar, Shanghai, China

November 2-5: MAP, Miami Beach, Florida (Click Here)

Question and Answer and Consultation Days: Dates to be Announced Soon

Left: Judy and Janet Darby sitting on a bench dedicated to JR Worsley where JR and Judy would sit together to watch the sunset

Center: Judy enjoying a Vanilla Slice at JR's birthday celebration with Kim Klingele and Janet Darby

Right: Judy investigating one of the trees at Church Hill Farm

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