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Above: Junior kindergarten and kindergarten students celebrate class birthdays for the quarter at their fall Giving Party. At each Giving Party students collect items for a different local nonprofit and learn about the needs that the organization works to address. At this party, students learned about Rowan Helping Ministries, read the story "Stone Soup," and made bean soup mixes for food-insecure families.
Admission News and Notes
October 2019
October Admission Notes
Greetings from the Salisbury Academy Admission Office,
I am loving everything that comes with cooler weather: pumpkins, coffee, football, and sweaters. Oh my! And perhaps best of all, fall kicks off our active admission season of tours, open houses, and special events.
We have a number of admission events planned for the coming weeks. If you haven't had a chance to come in for a tour, please reach out to me to arrange a visit. Our applications are already up and running for the 2020-2021 school year, and it's been a pleasure meeting the new prospective families who have joined us for tours so far. 

Wishing everyone a very happy fall. Hope to see soon!


Allison Doby, Director of Admission

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Admission Events
As one of their elective course offerings for the first quarter, middle school students had the option of taking a cycling class in partnership with The Pedal Factory.

Fall First Look
for all grades
Wed., Nov. 6 
9 a.m.

The "Shoulds and Shouldn'ts" of Early School
Lunch and Learn
Nov. 15 at 12 p.m.
see below for more info 

JK/K/1st Preview Night
Thurs., Dec. 5 
6:30 p.m.

Story Time with Mrs. Claus   and Holiday Centers
Sat., Dec. 7
10 a.m. 
for JK-1st grade

The "Shoulds and Shouldn'ts" of Early School:  
Lunch and Learn with Heidi Tringali Nov. 15
Join us at Salisbury Academy on  Friday, November 15 
from 12 to 1 p.m for a lunch and learn with Heidi Tringali on

The "Shoulds and Shouldn'ts" of Early Education:
Facilitating Skills through Chores and Household Routines

In this lunch and learn session, occupational therapist Heidi Tringali will share her expertise on when to begin encouraging your child to do chores and what chores are appropriate. Heidi will use research, facts, and experience to answer the often-perplexing parent questions on what developmental skills are important for children to have and how to facilitate those skills. 

This session is free of cost. Please RSVP to Allison Doby.

Core Knowledge Highlights
Kindergarten Students Create Literacy-Inspired Art
Kindergarten students created mixed-media artwork in the style of Jasper Johns' literacy-inspired works. Texture-rubbed oil pastels, watercolor, and India ink were used to create these colorful pieces.

While honing the student's creative expression the art lesson also complements their exposure to literacy that comes in many forms throughout a typical day in the classroom through a blend of level reading, tracking, phonics, repetition skills, fine motor exercises, and multi-level direction following.
Fourth Grade Students Demonstrate Their Knowledge of the Heart
Students in the fourth grade showed creativity and depth of understanding in their presentations on the structure and function of the heart. The presentations culminated their study of the circulatory system during which we have learned about the heart, blood composition, blood type and compatible donors, heart rate as related to activity, and overall heart health. 

Students were given the creative freedom to design a heart model that best represented them as learners for their final product. Whether a painting, sculpture, digital presentation, or some other format, each project was required to include the fifteen circulatory system terms and correctly demonstrate the flow of blood through the body. 
Eighth Grade Students Find Inspiration in the "Poetry of Nature"
Eighth grade students spent the day at the Timberlake Earth Sanctuary in Whitsett, NC last week for a "Poetry of Nature" program where they were asked to be fully present while visiting three landscapes in the natural world. Students listened to poetry, recorded their inner experiences, and followed guided writing practices to create original poems.

This peaceful day in nature re-enlivened spirits and creativity while inspiring authentic connections. Students embraced the opportunity to observe, reflect, create, and share, and will soon release their published poems from the day.