Dear Senesh Parents:

We are constantly looking at ways to make our school better - sometimes these have to do with curriculum, staffing, communications, and other strategic priorities. And sometimes, it has to do with the makeup of the students in our classrooms.

The current second grade class has far fewer girls than boys and no non-binary/gender nonconforming students. Our strategic priorities guide us to build and maintain a diverse school body, which compels us to make gender inclusion and representation a priority for this class. Therefore, we are offering a grant to help recruit more girls and non-binary/gender nonconforming students to the class of 2027 in short order.

We would greatly appreciate your help in identifying families who will qualify for this incredible opportunity and be an asset to the Senesh family. Please let me know if you have any families in mind and feel free to direct your friends to this page on our website for more information.

Many thanks,
Annette Powers
Director of Admissions and Communications