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HALF MILLION (Cock) parent won $500K 

20+ SUPER STARS from the very supreme breeders at Ado Family Loft

My name is Sead Ado Zohorovic, and I am the owner of "Ado Family " (AFL). My relationship with pigeons started from a very young age. My father was a pigeon fancier, so I was always in close contact with the pigeons.

Most of my "pigeon life" was related to high flyer pigeons.
However, everything changed when I became more acquainted with racing pigeons back in 2010. When I suddenly realized that a racing pigeon was superior to any other pigeon, I decided that was the pigeon to work with.

I made my switch to racing pigeons back in 2010 and joined the Greater Atlanta Racing Pigeon Club in Atlanta, Georgia. As a new member, I quickly collected some birds from others and was in the game of racing pigeons. The level of excitement was high and I was ready to go!
The Magnificent Seven
This is not a movie....this is a REALITY!

Since 2017 - EVERY bird that we sell and breed from is DNA tested. We guarantee parental for all our babies.

  • We guarantee the health on each bird sold from us (for up to 60 days), starting from the day the bird is shipped. If anything happens or your bird dies for any reason, we will replace it for free!

  • If for any reason, you are not happy with the bird you received, you can send it back within 7 days for a FULL refund, including the shipping costs to you and back to us!

  • AFL would NEVER sell a bird that we wouldn’t breed ourselves. We are here to stay and will always want you to return back to us.

  • Anyone who might be interested in seeing a specific bird, parents, pictures, video, or anything of that nature, please let us know, and we will make sure if happens.

  • Ado Family Loft is open and happy for visitors at any given time. Just let us know when you plan to visit and we will make arrangements.

  • AFL is constantly seeking top-quality birds from around the world, and we are always striving to bring them in to improve our breeding lofts.

FINAL NOTE: We are not a breeding farm who breeds thousands of birds. Instead, see ourselves as a "Breeder of Champions" and other very similar Top-Quality Racing Pigeons!

Reaching new heights is a never-ending game. However, at this point, we believe our breeding stock has yet again reached a higher level of sporting glory!

We have strong evidence to comfortably claim that these three pigeons below, will be breeding young birds of exceptional quality. Young birds that will consistently win no matter what, with DNA of a quality unmatched by any other around the world!

We are finishing this year with another huge addition to our breeding stock.

"Soraia" was an incredible racer in the South African Million Dollar Pigeon Race, and with "Ornat" and "Super 46" she will be the backbone of our African Bloodline. This bloodline is able to compete in the hardest and toughest race imaginable and WIN it!

Without any questions these birds have proven themselves 100% but, most importantly, their offspring are doing just as good or better. See the incredible results!

"Ornat" himself is here too in our breeding stock! We had a tremendous success with the grandchildren and great grandchildren out of this cock.

So now, that we have him in our own breeding loft, we feel extremely happy. Generations out of this specimen are proven time and time again, in the toughest races, such as South Africa Million Dollar Race, which is one of the toughest races out there!

Not only did he race extremely well, so did many of his grandchildren and great grandchildren! We are going to make sure we have a pure bloodline of this kind of birds in our loft, which will make us even more competitive in one-loft racing!

Promises made and kept. We continue to bring the best we can find around, and this is really a big one!

“Super 46” is a fantastic hen and great addition to our breeding loft. We already knew of her qualities, before we were able to bring her to our loft, particularly, since we have had her son (“Russell”) for a while. He is one of our very finest breeders!

This hen originally came from Netherland and is considered Europe's "Top-shelf”! You can't get easier or better than this!

To ensure that this bloodline will last in our loft, we will do some close inbreeding, then, we will go from there!
What Makes I Dream Pigeons Unique?

  • Live auction streaming and bidding
  • Overtime feature – auction time extended for bids placed in final 10 minutes
  • Vetting of pigeons and sellers
  • Access to undiscovered European lofts
  • 10-day guarantee on refunds and/or replacements
  • Easy upload to auction site
  • Pedigree Database

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