Beyond what we could have ever imagined, Reach Out has experienced exponential expansion in 12 countries in Africa. Because of that expansion, we have created Adopt A Country , which will move us to an increased level of engagement in every country. Can we tell you about it?

Country Advocates (USA partners) connect with African Country Leaders (like Reuben in Zimbabwe )—to equip youth leaders who in turn reach and disciple teenagers in churches and schools.

All along sustainability has been our goal, but now we have 442 equipped African leaders who can follow their Country Leader to achieve it. 
Strategy —Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry training
Structures —Leadership training framework developed by Charles Juma, Reach Out’s Africa leader
Systems —Required plans, budgets and accountability
Sustainability —Indigenous leaders take ownership and increasingly multiply more youth leaders and teenage Jesus’ followers
Thank you for praying for us, and even partnering with us, as we continue to find Country Advocates for Malawi, Uganda, Burundi, Botswana and Democratic Republic of Congo, and as we develop our Country Leaders to become indigenously sustainable.
Jesus is Lord,