Hello and Happy Fall!

Judging by the shelves at Hobby Lobby, Kohl's and an array of others, plus our recent blizzard - it is winter and time for Christmas, right? Well yes, and no!

We are purposely using a generic letterhead, paying due respect to the festivities of Halloween, and the wonderful Thanksgiving holiday that is still over a month away. On the other hand, the level of need in our community and the generous spirit of those thinking ahead, has us feeling the need to mention the Batavia United Way Holiday Adopt A Family to you, our past Sponsor.

You have supported this program in the past and for this, we sincerely thank you. Last year we Adopted 114 families and it simply would not be possible without you.
The good news is that our number of homeless families in Batavia has dropped to 33, significantly down from years past. The bad news is, we will probably adopt the same number of families as we did last year because so many families are struggling.

At this time, all we need from you is to let us know if you would like to Sponsor again this year and if yes, what size family you would like to provide Christmas for. No hurry, talk to your co-workers, neighbors, family or whomever you partnered with in the past but just send us an email if you plan to help out and we will add you to our 2018 Sponsor list. As always, we hope to have all families assigned by Black Friday.
New this year is a change of venue. Grace McWayne will host our drop off this year and drop off date will be Monday, December 17th. Thank you Grace McWayne School!

If you want to help, but don't want to buy for an entire family, just let us know, ther are other ways you can help!

Thank you for your kindness and have a great week!


Melinda Kintz and the Batavia United Way Board of Directors
700 West Fabyan Parkway Suite 120A
Batavia, IL 60510