You are part of an incredible group of volunteers who made wishes come true for over 240 Batavia children in need this Christmas.  We have been posting pictures and updates on the Batavia United Way facebook page as things transpired but in case you missed it, please consider yourself profusely thanked!

Sponsor drop off night was a whirlwind of enthusiastic volunteer help and a flurry of Sponsors dropping off gifts. School Counselors were on hand to check lists and make sure no child fell through the cracks. They also helped to assign dozens of extra gift cards to those who needed it most and based on their personal knowledge of child and family situations.

Family gift pick up day was filled with emotion as Mom's, Dad's and Caregivers were overwhlemed with the gifts bestowed upon them. They were so grateful for the great care and heart Sponsors put into selecting gifts for their children and simply stunned to also receive 2 bags of groceries from Chip In, individual stockings from Batavia Woman's Club and tins of homebaked cookies from volunteer bakers.

"You have no idea what this means to my family...."
"No one has ever done anything so nice for me before...."
"This is the miracle I have been praying for......"
"I have always wanted a crock pot! I feel so happy! "

These are just a few of the comments we received from our grateful recipients.
While we have been reporting 93 families, we did end up adding a few more as late as pick up day. We had a family of four presented to us on the afternoon of pick up and one of our volunteers, helping out that day said " I've got this, I will shop tonight!"
She was paired with another woman who wanted to help and 48 hours later this family had warm coats, gloves and the toys they were wishing for. The Batavia Women In Buisness gift cards helped here too!

A few of our families had health, transportation and other obstacles that prevented them from picking gifts up. Again, our volunteers stepped in to do deliveries right to their front doors.

Thank you for sponsoring families, assembling boxes, providing or funding groceries, and stockings, donating gift cards for entertainment, a family meal or re-filling the gas tank. Every single donation was assigned a family and every family has received an amazing Christmas.  

If we tried to thank everyone, we are certain to miss someone because there were hundreds of hands in this project.  We thank each and every one of you!
Special thanks to Jennifer Zorn & Kevin Skomer for graciously hosting us at Louise White Elementary School for the second year.

Coinciding with our Adopt a Family project is our Fall Campaign. If you live in Batavia, you would have received a Batavia United Way brochure in the mail. Donations have been streaming in, which is critical to all that Batavia United Way accomplishes throughout the rest of the  year on behalf of our neighbors of all ages.

Many of our adopted families are also dependent on Tri City Health Partnership for medical and dental care, our Senior Citizens count on help with prescription drug coverage, and our Caregivers are so grateful for our subsidizing Elderday Center where parents who suffer from lonliness, dementia and other complications are safe and happy outside of their homes a few days a week. Mutual Ground, Lazarus House, AID and many other oganizations are counting on us to offset the cost of services provided to Batavians.  Thank you for all of your support.

In closing, you have delivered the gift of Christmas to so many. On behalf of the Batavia United Way and its Board of Directors, we hope you can now relax, enjoy your holiday, and soak up the joy of this season.
Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to you and yours!